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Changing / Adding Characters

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Hi all,

I was wondering if some of you who have knowledge of this can help me out a bit. I have been experimenting with changing and adding some new groups and characters, but so far I haven't had any (noticable) luck.

Can anyone of you tell me which files I need to edit to, for instance, add a whole new character? It does not need to have it's own Diesel file of course, but how would I go about to add one and pick and choose my ow set (head, body, gear, etc)?

I have tried adding a character by using the Extra_Groups.xml and changing the Groupmanager.xml, but my characters do not seem to show up in the editor's Human list??


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Indeed I have guys. ;) I have looked at them all!

I have checked all of the files that I think are necessary and I have made some adjustments and I do have them in the Human Layer at this time. I can place them just fine in the editor, but when I fire up the game, it will crash. <_<

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Well,...eventhough I got the Characters in the Human Layer list, they still do not work! So, as to 'how much further I got' is debatable :P

All files are definitely unique, so that can't be it. The characters I am trying to add might be the problem.... -wink wink-

Anyway...still gonna try to get them to work, but any info that might lead me in the correct direction are appreciated!

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I don't know if there are any customized characters in Brettzies WP as I do not use it, but if you think there are it might be useful to download it and unbundle it to see what he has done with the needed files.

I am close to figuring out how to do it, but I am still missing some important info to get it working. so far, the character shows up in the editor, but as soon as I startup the game it crashes. :(

When I know which files to add/use/edit, I might be able to actually get them to work.

As for getting the OGR guys (and girls) into GRAW... I'm not sure how to do that. To really make them look like the original characters (instead of just using their names) is failry complicated (I think) as the needed parts (head, body, etc) are not in GRAW.

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