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Use characters from GR in Island Thunder & Desert Seige


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I apologize if this is in the wrong group of forums. But I feel that this may be the best place to ask.

Let's say I have a character (not a specialist) that I use in Ghost Recon, and I would like to somehow migrate that character (and all acheivements/stats with it) to other missions such as those in Desert Seige, Island Thunder, Frostbite, etc.

Is there a way to do this? If so how?

Layman's terms would be great, but any help would be appreciated.


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Well if i understand you right you want to use a Ghost Recon soldier ( a riflemman maybe? ) and try to use him in other mission, actually envirements like Jungle, Desert, Snow, etc?

Well if thats right i can help you.

You will have to create your own mod in Ghost Recon - Mods - 'my mod' just call it something. Then copy Origimiss modscont and paste it to your mod, you can also edit it, but the modscont is required to play the mod. Just take the one from originial GR cause its always activated. Sooo, now go to (also in mods) origimis-characters-allied- and copy

ica_us_rifleman.chr + a and b chr


Now in 'my mod' make a map called characters (just like in origimis, in characters make a allied folder and in allied folder paste the ica_us_riflemans in. Now paste them in one time again it ask you about to owerwrite no take the option let them both stay and rename it to 2. do that one time again. now rename the 2s like this:


ica_us_rifleman_desert_a.chr and the same with b


and then rename the 3s to instead of desert to 'cuba'

now start the game activate the mods you want to play with + your mod, and be sure that your mod has highest priorty! Now play a mission and the riflemans should be there.


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