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I've broken this off from the Spec ops thread as it's become so different, it's a mod of it's own right.


Sudan 2014, Civil unrest still rages on in the country, despite Omar Bashir's arrest for war crimes. The Rebels have become uncontrollable in their violent outbursts. Civilians being killed in the country, due to crossfires and shelling, is just another story in the news.

An ABC News reporter and his crew were beaten to death by rebel forces as they travelled to a safe house in the western area.

The USA have taken this as a direct act of warfare, and they have sent out a Special Forces unit to spearhead an operation to remove the rebel powers and allow peace to reign in the country once more.

Operation Henagar has begun...

Archangel has been tasked to spearhead operation Henagar, they will be taking part in some of the most crucial missions of the entire operation, with the most advanced and sophisticated gear and weaponry available.

Only certain soldiers are chosen to join the Archangel group, based on their initiative, courage, patience, and tact. an archangel who lacks one of these abilities is likely to lose their life. train up, and use the combat simulations available to you, they might just save your life!

You are a member of the QT squad, this highly trained squad specialises in stealthy and precision attacks, go in loud, and you come out in a body bag. you need a knife edge shot to pass off as a member of QT.

You will need to learn and know ambush tactics, evasion, Manoeuvres, suppression, diversion and much more to pass the missions.

Missions will also feature dynamics such as F18 and Apache formations flying overhead, supply drops by helo, supply drops by truck, dynamic training (it has others training, and people walking around) holophonic sounds.

on one of the missions, there will be aircraft landing and taking off. plus much much more!

soo uhh, yeah there will be a multiplayer friendly version, don't worry.

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Nice ;) Also, i did actually for some time ago think about something similar and did go for some research:

Actually Sudan is traiding oil with USA

So one of my ''old ideads'' was that in Congos civil war a dictator did come to the power and did attacl Sudan but needed the ''why plot''

Just saying

but it looks pretty good :)

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thanks guys! ;) I'll be porting images through from the old thread in a momento.

would anyone be an (arch)angel (yeah, see what i did there? XD) and do some voice-overs for me pretty please, I need an american (regional accent doesn't matter) guy if at all possible however it's not completely important so long as your voice is clear, i'll give you a list of things to say as of when ;)

thanks to anyone who takes it up

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good enough for me, I actually need two, one soldier and one who gives out commands from "puppetmaster" (command)

you are good for the soldier. definitely. i'll be concocting a list of things soon.

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Say Hi to Cheftain, one of two team leaders of QT squad!


Please Excuse the minor texture glitches it's alpha channel related.

oh and I've fixed the invisible eye problem that turned up in project novo when using an african american face on the model

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Well looks good just one thing:

The thing with team leader i'm not sure about i like it, but i just dont think people will care about leadership points ingame and they cant know that hes a leader cause that isnt any class, well somebody here might (including me) but i still think that its still a few out of the many that sure will download your awesome mod ;)

Just saying

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it's just one of those things that is part of the back story teppe, don't worry too much about minor details like that. ;)

all specialists will have a biography soon, it just adds to the storyline a bit, while not affecting missions too much. Chieftain, will have access to wider variety of weapons, but he has a biased speciality to Demolitons (more demo equipment is available to him than other equipment)

It's the same with Wolfe, she'll be biased to gunner but because she is a team leader, she has access to all specialisms.

the whole idea of this is so team leaders aren't the be all and end all hero types, that you get in modern shooters these days, they are just better all round soldiers than others.

Standard Archangel Operatives, Riflemen:



African American:




There is an asian version, it doesn't want to show up int he character selection though.

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Well i like the hands, but they are looking a bit weird :huh: I mean its look like that they doesnt sit correct on the guys arm. I love the M4, from M4 sopmod maybe? Well thats a wonderfull mod, I love the balackvas, but just a minor detail again :D well i dont think they will use balackvas on real operations, i mean they are your soldiers ;) but other special forces (only anti-terror corps uses balackva on real special operations) but like navy seals or Delta or Jagercorps :) But well, actually i see why you did make them to team leaders and thats actually a good feature i mean instead of having those COD heroes, keep up the good work :thumbsup:

And well last thing, the biography is indeed a very good idea maybe include them as a extra training mission where you can learn all the individuals heroes to learn?

And last thing lol will you include new training missions?

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yes what i mean is about the balackvas that many sfs is using them on training operations for the public, but they just arent using them on real operations (only anti-terror corps) because if youre like moving around on patrol in a week with balackvas, it quickly becomes (dont know what is that you say on english here :D) And well yes the KSK uses them in training operations but not on real operations i'm sure on that - but well anyway agree with you on that i like them too they look better then i've ever seen before + the faces, and agree with the hand thing ;)

And lets not get to off-topic here

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yeah, the balaclavas are there to protect their identity, the only reason why the heroes choose not to wear them is because they are seldom seen compared to them, Archangel is a top secret unit, QT squad is even more of a secret if your identity as part of the unit is compromised, your life away from archangel could be under threat.

plus it hides the fact that the faces are the same depending on ethnicity, without the balaclavas all the Hispanic members look like clones, as do the Asian ones, the African Americans and the Caucasian ones :P

remember fictonal unit, you could argue that the camo doesn't exist, it doesn't but they are a fictional unit, it shouldn't grind in your craw

the hands are due to the export, i don't think it likes the animation much, but hey, i can't really fix that one, i think Thales fixed it before he went out for work.

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