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Brettzies WP 3.02 in multiplayer (lan)


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I've been running BWP v3.02 for quite a while in SP missions and campaigns, and frankly -- I'm addicted. Recently I decided to try some of the TCO co-op missions by running a lan server, however BWP is not available in those missions or any others as far as I can tell. The stock load outs are pretty limiting, especially the complete lack of suppressed primaries and decent sights (the mission design and AI scripting are superb however). I'd really like to use BWP on these missions! Is there some config or installation trick to get BWP on MP I may have missed?


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Hi backshooter,

There are no kit restrictions when playing my co-op missions, just start the game using the batch file that Brett provided then load your mission as normal.

I always play mine and other co-op missions using Bretts or Rahnman's weapon mod without any problems.

As for the campaigns, I don't think any weapon mod is compatible when playing these missions, it's not something I have done it's just the way the game handles the weapon mods.

I'm not a weapon modder so maybe Rahnman or someone else can advise you more.


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Hello JohnTC02

Thanks for the speedy response, and thanks also for the fabulous modding work you have done on GRAW2! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I'm launching graw2 using the BWP bat file provided (as you advise), and that works fine in SP campaigns (I haven't tried MP campaigns though). But when I start a lan server, the BWP mod is not showing up in any of the co-op missions.

Thanks for any help anyone may be able to provide.

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