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Texture Artist Wanted for Ambitious Mod


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I hope the admins don't move this thread because I want it here for a reason.

I am part of a team making an ambitious mod for a yet unreleased game. I don't want to go into specifics but it will be Ghost Recon inspired. We need people who are passionate about Ghost Recon and are willing to put in many months of work into making something special.

What we need is someone who can take an untexutured model in 3DS Max or Maya and add good diffuse, normal and specular maps to that model.

We also need an animator and character modeller.

We already have scripters, programmers and modellers. In fact some of the big names for GR modding are already on the team.

Reply here or send an email to robertjohnston@innovatedesigncreate.co.uk

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No Takedown and then Ground Branch. We already have scripters, programmers, map designers and UI designers. But we need texture artists, animators and character modellers.

I have made several guns for the mod already but I can't texture a damn. Below are a few examples.










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You should try to get your hands on Autodesks Mudbox and try to paint your guns there. It's a great tutorial in 14 parts starting here: [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6S5h-FMtcA&feature=youtu.be on how it can be done. It's timeconsuming ofc, but the result is amazing. Specially the power of the specular channel is great when done correctly.

I'll prolly try to make a mod or two for these games, but I rather wait until they're on the market. Good luck on the search for more team members!

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OT: Hey BS PALADIN, I'm a long time lurker of the BFS forums, and there was guy there (in the modding section, I think) saying his trial for 3DS Max was ending. Please, tell him he can (well, I suppose he can, because I got it) get a free student's license at AutoDesk website.

Thanks ;)

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