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"Sharing is Caring" Mod Permissions


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The "Sharing is Caring" idea is really great.

Perhaps some other mods were add to this list too,

so i could give my "ACE WEAPON MOD" to the community.

It is a huge mod over 1,5Gb i worked on the last 9 years.

It contains about 700 weapons (variants) of all the great mods out there.

But it is not only a compilation of them.

There is a lot of new stuff in it (new HD textures,HQ-Sounds,HD-Reticules,...).

The first time i gave it to the community was not successfull.

Rocky had to remove it from the download section 3 days after uploading it

because 1 mod author did not give me the permission.

So i hope the "Sharing is Caring" project makes it possible

that not only my friends and i have fun with the mod in LAN.

When some time is elapsed and some permissions are still missing,

i will give the files (which are made by me) seperatly to the community/modders


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I give permission for use of all original content within "Nk's Ghosts".

You will have to contact the weapon contributors and Jack57 for the rest (though I am sure they will oblige), see mods.txt for info.

I also give permission for use of my "Genius Skins" (if you can find them anymore).

I like anything that keeps pure tactical Co-op alive.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I thought about that long time ago,

a short time after deleting the mod from the servers.

There are some problems about that:

1. The mod is a very huge and complex project. Removing the weapons (models), i have no permission from, would destroy the completeness. These models are "base" weapons, i don´t want to miss in the mod.

2. There are so many weapon models in the mod (750) , so it would be a very time intensive work, to find out all files, which have to be erased. And i don´t have so much time because of my job.

You can download the weapon info document of my mod at:


So you can see what i mean.


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It seems to me that the last two paragraphs of the Sharing is Caring "policy" violates copyright laws and this official statement by Ubi Soft:

"You will need to have permission from whoever made the mods to make them available for download..."

The paragraphs I am referring to are these two:

Once you have tried everything within your power to reach a mod's authors, but there is no way to get in contact or all of your emails or personal messages remain unanswered, it's probably fair to assume they simply do not care anymore, and after a grace period of 30 days the mod will be listed here as shareable.

Do you know of a mod that allows / does not expressly forbid sharing but is not yet listed here? Post in this thread and state the mod's name, download location, and its permission status to have it added to the list.

Sure, it seems reasonable enough, but it might be stretching the rules a bit.

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Added to main listing in opening post. Thank you very much for sharing, Stalker! I'm sure all GR modders appreciate your generosity!

BTW - are you still in contact with Sixpence? Maybe he could pay us a little permission-granting visit in this thread, too? :)

Late reply.. sorry ;)

Unfortunately I haven't been in contact with Sixpence for years, so I can't provide you with any info on his stuff. Also I wasn't able to find the old mod cds which is a shame :(

Maybe Giweda/Giampi has still my unreleased stuff available..

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I wish I would have come across this sooner. Though it states in the mod files that permission is granted, and encouraged, I formally give permission to use any and all mod content within the RED FIVE mod.

I wish I could get my 3d program working again. I have so much more to finish to add to it all. I had to release what I had at the time due to moving across the country and starting new work.

Cheers to all!

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just want to bring people's attention to this thread again, if the mod is on the list on the 1st page, you can use it with credits. ;)

I'll be putting up some mod resources when I get a chance to clear up the EHDD a bit, it's about 2gb worth of textures, tutorials, and PSD files, some of which are good to go on a Ghost recon skin.

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Have just had an email back from Gudmund from the frostbite mod.

"Is that the castle one? El Oso made that one. I haven't spoken to
him in years, but I know we both agreed that if people wanted to
use maps or anything else from frostbite, they could use anything
they wanted. I think I even posted the max files for my maps, so
people can change them if they want.

I must say it's cool that people still play and mod the original GR

That mod came out in 2001 or something, so it's really cool if you
want to use something from it after all this time :) "

Think we can add this to the list?

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Good news Mr Moon.

I was helping El Oso when he was working on the Bin Laden Compound map.

This was at least two years ago. I would play test the map and doing some character re-skinning.

Had a good back and forth but he suddenly went off the radar. All PM's have gone unanswered since.

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I gladly give my permission to use the flashbang explosion textures in Burner's Flashbangs.

And in addition the assets I created in the Migryder Festival Mod:

Different skins for Ghost characters. Snipers now use the Jack Stone character and not the ghillie suit.

Map textures(mostly ground) and color adjustments for many but not all RSE maps.

-Original RSE weapon sounds
-Male and Russian Voice. Some but not all.
-Weapons, cracks, whizzes and explosions
-A few ambient and vehicle sounds
-Some but not all Character footsteps, going to prone and crouch, wounded whump(by YOTM Team)

-New grenade explosion(horizontal and vertical surfaces)
-Blood spray has been changed to a dust cloud from bullet hitting an enemy or being hit.
-Sky textures for c02_military_camp, d05_aurora
-Smoke textures
-Groza rifle
-binocular mask
-sniper mask
-clear night vision
-wheels and treads for BMP, desert BMP and SA13
-vehicle dust
-bullet ground impacts. I had no luck changing the color.

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Wow, after all this time my login still works... 

I don't know what prompted me to look this up. Perhaps remembering the great times I had playing and then modding. So much fun! I sometimes daydream about a few maps that I still wanted to do but didn't have time. Still tempted to do one of them if I just had the time. I did try to revisit it onetime to fix an issue or two but had issues with  3DS MAX. Couldn't get it working again.. 

So it looks like this thread is to establish permission for using mods. Even though I included permissions to use the mod I created in the mod files I will state it here as well.

In regards to the Red Five mod, I hereby give permission to use any and all parts of the Red Five mod

It wasn't a bad mod but if anyone still want to use it, there it is... At the time this mod was great therapy for me as I was experiencing some difficult times with a certain part of my life. I ended up kind of rushing to finish the mod as I was about to free myself of my troubles and move on.. 

If I can find them I would be happy to make the max files available. I will see if I can find and then upload them here.

Great to see this is still going. It's a great community. I learned a lot. I even got a job doing a bit of modelling at one time from some friends who heard of my work. Go figure!

-KEN a.k.a. bitshot

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Many thanks to Burner, wombat50, and bitshot for sharing with the community (I'll update the OP as soon as my editing issue is resolved).

It's so great to see this growing into an impressive catalogue of GR modding assets, and I hope many a new GR modder will make good use of what's on offer here.

Ghost Recon Forever!

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