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"Sharing is Caring" Mod Permissions

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"Sharing is Caring" Mod Permissions



Dear Ghost Recon fans,

As it gets increasingly difficult to contact mod authors about usage permission requests for all of that Ghost Recon mod content created over the past decade, maybe it is time we start pooling mod resources that may be used in new modding projects. This thread asks mod authors to grant permission for using their content in future mods, under provision that they are properly credited, and new mods are non-commercial and publicly available, and recursively grant the same permission to others.

A complete listing of all mods available under the GR.net "Sharing is Caring" license model (a Creative Commons license, legal details here) will be maintained in this opening post for easy reference. The list will also include mods that already grant / do not deny sharing permissions e.g. in their original documentation or through statement by their author. Hopefully the collection of usable content will streamline the permission process to encourage new mod endeavours and maybe even entice some of the early Ghost Recon modders to return to the scene.

Please note that many mods have a multitude of contributors, and usage permission may not always include all of a mod's content, as authors can probably only grant permission for their own work and not the work done by others. While we should try to collect blanket permissions for complete mod content this may not always be possible, so you may need to refer to a mod's documentation and/or individual posts here for details.

We think at this late point in Ghost Recon's life, more than a decade after its release, that anyone who still cares or who ever cared for this game and this community should welcome the idea to share mod resources. This is our chance to prolong the life of our beloved game even further by enabling the dedicated few still willing to freely give their time and effort to the community.

In conclusion we kindly ask all of you to please join us in our effort to serve this community to the best of our abilities, and to pay tribute to the game that brought us together in this corner of the internet and that keeps giving us so much joy.

Long live Ghost Recon!

Your GR.net Team

Willing to Share?
Whatever content you created, whether missions, models, textures, etc. - it may be of use to other modders, so please post in this thread if you are an author willing to share your work with the Ghost Recon modding community. Just state the name(s) of the mod(s) you have created and their download location and they will be added to the list of mods in this opening post.

Looking for Permission?
If you are looking for permission to use content from mods not yet listed here, please try to get in contact with the mod authors via email, private message, etc. and point them to this thread asking them to declare their permission by posting here.

Already Have Permission?
If you are one of the lucky ones to get in contact with an original mod's authors and recently got permission for your mod, please use this opportunity to contact them again, requesting to extend permission by posting in this thread.

No Way to Contact Author or No Reply?
Once you have tried everything within your power to reach a mod's authors, but there is no way to get in contact or all of your emails or personal messages remain unanswered, it's probably fair to assume they simply do not care anymore, and after a grace period of 30 days the mod will be listed here as shareable.

Sharing Mod Not Listed?
Do you know of a mod that allows / does not expressly forbid sharing but is not yet listed here? Post in this thread and state the mod's name, download location, and its permission status to have it added to the list.




Mods with "Sharing is Caring" Permissions

101st Airborne Division 2009: Desert Siege (Armoured Core 4) (by Combatech)
3DS Characters (by WytchDokta)
9-Man Powerboat (by Phlookian)
9MS Mod (by Tinker)
ACE High Resolution Reticles (by ACE_COH)
ACOG and Elcan Reticles (by Ingeloop)
ACOG Reticles (by Ingeloop)
Afghan Police (by Cobaka)
Air Strike Tools (by thales100 et al)
Airport (by H-Hour)
Armenia SCARed (by Giampi, Janie42, Cobaka, Streinger)
Auscam (SASR) (by Stalker)
Aussie Skins (by Callmehobbes)
BajaBravo's Skin Pack (by BajaBravo)
Black Hawk MH-60 Model (unknown author)
Black Hawk MH-60 Model (Low Poly) (by Tinker)
BlackOps: OpFor Vehicles (by Blakarion)
BlackOps: US Vehicles (by Blakarion)
Blood Oil (by Tinker and the GR.net community)
BMP Model (unknown author)
Burner's Flashbangs (by Burner)
Cobaka Ghost Recon Maps (by Cobaka)
Commando Crazy's Basic Skins (by Commando Crazy)
Chems Model Pack (by Chems)
Chems Model Pack 2 (by Chems)
Christmas Tree Model (by Tinker)
Claiming Liberty (by RileyFletcher_01)
Cloak-and-Dagger (by Jack Wachter)
Dauphin Helicopter (by Cobaka)
Decennium Interface (by ApexMods)
Dekela's AK-47 (by Dekela)
Dekela's Weapons (by Dekela)
Desert Black Hawk (by Cobaka)
Desert Siege Cinematic Version (by Giampi)
DOG-ZEBRA (by Dog-Zebra)
Dummy Vehicle (by Tinker)
DYNACOMP (by Parabellum et al)
Element11 Free Stuff (by Element11)
EOTech M40GL Reticle (by Doc Calliban)
Frostbite (by Frostbite team)
Geisterspaehtrupp (by Dog-Zebra)
Grass Camo Attachments (by Hana_JP)
GRS Map Pack 1 (by iso6, Ken 'the Judge', and Nami)
GRS Map Pack 3 (by Hana_JP)
Hammer's Vehicle Pack (by Hammer)
Hammer's Vehicle Pack II (by Hammer)
Heroes Unleashed (by ApexMods)
H-Hour's 17 Server Side Missions Pack (by H-Hour)
H-Hour's Object and Texture Pack (by H-Hour)
Hokum Helicopter (by Cobaka)
Infinity (by Zeealex et al)
Invisible Threat (by Zeealex)
Italian Peacekeeper Skins (by Cobaka and Ingeloop)
Jodit Haile Winter Edition (by various modders)
Little Bird Helicopter (by Chems)
Lynx Helicopter (by Cobaka)
M4 SOPMOD Mod (by Prozac)
M16A4 Addon (by Prozac)
M24 Ballistic Rifle (by Doc Calliban)
M92 Italian Desert Skin (by Dog-Zebra)
M92 Italian Desert Skin (by Dog-Zebra)
Migryder's Festival Mod (by wombat50 et al)
Mike Schell's Reference Map (by Mike Schell)
Mike Schell's Wrinkles (by Mike Schell)
Mp3 (SoAF for GR) (by Giampi)
Mytoan Sniper (by Killer)
Natsanwa's Model Pack (by Natsanwa)
Natsanwa's SCAR Pack (by Natsanwa)
Nk's Ghosts (by NkOgNiTo)
NTW-20 Anti-Materiel Rifle (by Stalker_Zero)
OPCOM (by Dog-Zebra)
Operation: Save Santa 3 (by Tinker)
Operation Stronghold (by JohnTC02)
Osama Character (by James)
Panther Helicopter (by Cobaka)
Panoramic Night Vision (by Doc Calliban)
Phlook's Placeable Object (by Phlookian)
Project Novo (by Zeealex)
Project Sentry (by H-Hour)
Puma Helicopter (by Cobaka)
Punisher's 3ds Max Files (by Punisher)
Rambo Mod (by Hana_JP)
Real Weapons Sounds (by thales100)
Red Five Map Pack 1 (by bitshot)
Red Five Map Pack 2 (by bitshot)
Redlight (by Cobaka)
Return to Monkey Island (by Parabellum)
Rockall (by Tinker)
Russian Player Mod (by Chudy Picio)
Sabotage (by Prozac)
SANDF (South African National Defence Force) 2.0 (by Giampi)
SANDF 2.0 Mission Pack (by Giampi)
Serpentine Dream Theory (by MrMoon)
Silent Warrior 1 (by Swartsz)
Silent Warrior 2 (by Swartsz)
Silent Warrior 3 (by Swartsz)
Sininen HUD (by Zeealex)
SpecOps Campaign (by Zeealex)
Stalker V1 Redux (German Special Forces) (by Stalker)
Swamp Airfield (by RSE)
Tactical Net (by Tinker)
Taskforce Thresher Project: Sons of Thunder (Armoured Core Series) (by Combatech)
Texas Militia (by RileyFletcher_01)
The General (by Dog-Zebra)
The Outpost (by H-Hour and El Oso)
The Pond (by Giampi and Cobaka)
The Punisher (by Giampi)
VW Iltis (by Cobaka)
Weapons of War (WoW) v2.0 (by Prozac)
Weapons of War (WoW) v3.1 (by Prozac)
Wet Sun (by Giampi)
Wildcat's Boonie Wrinkles (by Wildcat)
Wildcat's Woodland Skins (by Wildcat)
Wildcat's Wrinkles (by Wildcat)
WD Camo Pack (by WytchDokta)
Zodiac Model (by El Oso)


to be continued...

Creative Commons License
All listed mods are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Wow, after all this time my login still works...  I don't know what prompted me to look this up. Perhaps remembering the great times I had playing and then modding. So much fun! I sometimes daydream a

The offending image he got triggered over

My old Camo Swatch's if there of any use Camo swatch.rar

Posted Images

Weapons of war v2.0

Weapons of war v3.0 (Check the readme file for content not by me)

M4 Sopmod mod

M16A4 Addon

...... Sabotage (once it is realeased) ;)

Still wondering what ever happened to WOWv1 lol. (fun fact here) weapons of war was originally made for rainbowsix but was named something I can't remember lol. Man that was a long time ago!

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Hmm, I should give a look at my mod folders, maybe I have something I can release for everyone to use.


I feel the urge to find something, whenever I can find something to add to the list, I will post here so my name can be signed in the list ;)

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Or mine :D I will do what i can to give permission to the stuff in DSF. I mean i'm loaning weapons from here and there, so i will try to contact the authors of the work about peoples that will loan things from this mod can just credit for the things instead of email them.


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May be relevant here; I always always, ask permissions before posting/hosting anyones work on modsaholic, moreover in this community i'll make a point of always directly contacting the author with a pm tailored to his mod, and won't post without a reply of course however if someone would like their releases automatically put up please give me a shout so i can add yourselves to the 'good to go' list. (again seemed the most relevant place to post this)

Kind regards


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All missions I created can be utilized, modified, rescripted in your mods providing you mention my name somewhere.

I can't give permit to use all other items in the mod I contributed (or managed) since not made by me but others. Sorry

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