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[PS3] looking for a clan to join

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ok so I'm tired of trying to play GRFS Online when everyone just runs off doing there own thing and supplying no support when capturing objectives it make it next to impossible to play.

I play online most night and am looking for a.clan to join who work well as a team to support team members. I have a Mic and work well when it comes to relaying information on objectives suppressing fire and enemy position and tactics atm I'm playing lvl 23 rifleman if u want to message me with clan details or invites reply here or IM me on PSN my in-game name is AP9MobFigaz.

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Hi soldier!!

Tired of being spawned camped? Are you sick of defending untouched objectives? Do you get killed because you made the terrible choice to respawn on idiots? If you answered yes to any of these then theres only one remedy to this epedemic many players such as yourself suffer from.

We here at Fierce Uprising (Initialed FU) do not discriminate.We only ask that you know what you are doing and can hold your own like most. We recruit elite players and see potential where others do not. We are and some may object, one of the best clans on GRFS. While our KDR's and egos may intimidate we don't judge you based on stats but on how effective you are to the team.

We also have a slew of great benefits such as free icecream , candy ,furniture , and of course ammo. Getting promoted doesnt come as easy as Icecream or furniture. It may take time and there is no guarantee that you will. But running your own squad of FU members is a prize all inits own.

We don't just play GR. We originated from a more skillful game, Metal Gear Online. Any of those players can tell you how much a breeze GR is after four years of that. We definitely have an edge over other clans because of it and we will continue to expand to other games if it's team orientated.

If your interested simply message me "FU Tryout" with you main PSN ID and preferred class as the subject. My PSN is Little-Big-One. See ya around Cadet ^_^

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Hi, AP9MobFigaz.

If you are still looking for a clan we are always looking for good players and I'm sure you'd enjoy our clan, Shadow Company. Shadow Company is a multiplatform gaming community that has over 500 members and growing every day. We support most shooters so if you enjoy using tactics and have a microphone, check out our site at www.shadowcompanyhq.com. If you register please say you heard of SC from Luper024

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