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I just got a new laptop PC and was digging up old games. I noticed i didn't have GR around, so when i was on steam. They have a deal pack for the first GR plus expansions and the 2 GRAW's for a good low price.

Anyways to the point. I got the deal on steam and been playing around with the first GR and felt like to doing some modding like i used too. Anyways steam seems to hide the games you install. I can not for the life of me find Igor to mission mod. Plus i got afew mods that steam is also stopping me from installing becuase i cant find where it is on my PC.

I have windows 7, ASUS

Im Looking where steam stores its games to find Igor and where to install mods for them games.

Thanks for any help. I been out of touch with the PC world for some time. Im not sure if its steam hiding the games on me or if its Windows 7 or maybe even both.

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I've got the Steam GR installed, and the original disks. The Steam version is just too convenient for me.

Now then, I don't believe the Steam version of Ghost Recon comes with or supports Igor, though if you were to, say, get a copy of Igor and it's related files from someone's retail disk install (not the disks, the install unfortunately) you shouldn't have any problems using it, beyond what Igor itself does.

Mods are easy. Riley has the correct path, and there is a "Mods" folder to drop them in. They should work as expected.

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Thanks guys, i fellowed the basic path you guys gave and found it. Yes Igor was there!, and i got mods to work once i found the path. Thanks guys.

I have for the last year been thinking of things i could have done in GR that i never did. Some been wanting to run some test to see if they work on GR. Now i have both GRAW's i will mess around with too once i get settled.

Anyways again thanks guys.

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Glad you got it sorted, and doubly glad I was incorrect about Igor. Cheers to Riley for his speed and accuracy.

This leads to my question, though. As I said, I have the GR disks and the Steam install, but there are no executables in the expected place under Steam for Ghost Recon, When visiting the path "\Steam\steamapps\common\Ghost Recon" there is no Ghostrecon.exe or Igor.exe. The game works fine, and the logs show those applications, but they aren't there, or anywhere. I've searched my Steam folder & my entire hard drive, but can't find them anywhere, while other games/applications are fine.


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Hey Dannik

I looked in mine in the same path. I do have both Igor and GR.exe in there.

This is the path for Igor that i found

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ghost Recon\igor.exe"

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:huh: Oh, if it were that easy. As you can see, same path as expected, but no executables. My other Steam titles do not have this issue, as far as I can tell.

GR works fine, but there appears to be no GhostRecon.exe anywhere on my hard drive.

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Well thanks to you guys i did find mine, so that being said we know steam does give it to you. So maybe if its something you really want.

Try a fresh install and hope for the best. Wish i could be more help, but im just figuring out steam myself and best i can do for you is that it does give it to you.

Good luck let us know if you get it working.

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