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Texas Militia - Release Thread

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Hmm... That sounds strange. But i did try this out, and i think i know the problem:

When you are coming to the online storage site, wait 5 seconds, and it have begining downloading. If you click download its just stopping and thinking. I'm not sure, but maybe its worth a try ;)


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So far the massive firefights make the bridge demo mission my favourite.

Twice I manage to shoot a tango after he pulled the pin but before he threw the frag, taking out him and about 4 buddies in close proximity, classic!

The train depot mission was okay, the snipers waaay up on the hill were a challenge though.

Enjoying this campaign very much,,,,!

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Yep, nothing like spending half an hour + spraying lead at massive troop movements. I think the way TXM's kits are set up make support experts much more appealing -- 180 rounds for your M4 isn't enough on a lot of missions. :support:

I love doing that. :wub:

So far that one isn't too popular, but it was one of my favorites :hehe:

Glad you're enjoying it, tell me how you do on the stealth mission, T06.

How far have ya'll made it in the campaign? Last I heard was mission 10. I think 15 is my favorite of all. Anyone tried the quick missions?

I'm also working on a conversion pack for TXM that allows all of the campaign missions to be played in co-op with up to 27 players, this will be useful for play on the GR.net server.

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