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Texas Militia - Release Thread

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Download Now!!!

*****In multiplayer mode, be sure to use the TXM kit restrictions or you will not have access to all weapons.*****


World War III is raging in the Middle East, and the battles have drawn US armed forces from the

country. The war has resulted in the destruction or abandonment of many foreign refineries, so oil

production has begun in the southern United States. A certain organization dedicated to

reclaiming the territories their ancestors once held has seen this opportunity to dominate the oil

industry and take the land back simultaneously, and they’ve struck with swift and effective tactics.

They are called the Restauradores de la Tierra, or the Restorers of the Land, and many of their

ranks are made up of criminals who caused the collapse of the Mexican government in 2017. The

Restauradores lack proper training, but their fanatic devotion has gained them control of California,

Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Texas and Louisiana.

Times are dark in the south.

One hope remains — under command of Joseph Brady, a legendary Texas Ranger, the

Texas Militia has been reformed; the four companies comprised of 235 fearless fighters who will

stop at nothing to free their homelands. Armed with salvaged gear and vehicles, the rugged band

of Texans stand united against the imminent threat.

As a member of the Texas Militia, your team will face the forces of the Mexican invaders. The

Restauradores de la Tierra have no official uniform as they are not an army, so they may be

outfitted with old fatigues, work uniforms, or casual clothes. They use common weapons like the

AK74 and the AKS submachine gun, and occasionally you’ll encounter GP25 grenade launchers or

RPG29s. You’ll have command over a small squad throughout the missions, and your men will

have access to weapons like the M4 and the MP5, and you’ll also be able to use special

equipment like breaching charges and mortar launchers.

Your troops will be outfitted with standard Texas Militia uniforms designed with the effective Multicam, displaying the Texas flag, and sporting the Militia’s official patch. On the field, you’ll be provided with a detailed map of the area marked with scaled 20x20m grids that allow for complicated and accurate maneuvers. Your unit will be deployed to many locations across the country including San Antonio, Del Rio, the Great Basin Desert, and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. At each site you’ll have several

tasks to complete ranging from rescues to sabotage, while at other times your only objective will

be to clear the area of all resistance or reach a position. Command will have no authority over

which routes you take throughout your missions — the only restrictions will be the terrain. You’ll

ride, battle, and be supported by vehicles like the M35 truck, the T80 tank, and the Stryker APC.

Unlike modern armies, your team will not have special gear like radar or sensors, so you’ll have to

do things the old-fashioned way by using your senses of sight, hearing, and instinct.

It will be a fight like no other.


1) After downloading Texas Militia, navigate to the folder containing the Texas Militia .rar file.

2) Copy the Texas Militia .rar file to your Ghost Recon Mods directory. This can usually be found at

C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon

3) A .rar file is a compressed file that can be opened using a tool like WinRAR. It is the only

program tested for use with Texas Militia, so you may encounter issues using anything else.

4) Extract the Texas Militia .rar file by right-clicking it and selecting ‘Extract Here’ from the list.

5) Inside your Mods folder there should now be a Texas Militia folder.

6) Start Ghost Recon.

7) Go to Options.

8) Click the MODS tab at the top right of the screen.

9) Select Texas Militia from the list on the left, click ACTIVATE, and Texas Militia should appear on

the list on the right. If you are using any other mods, it is suggested that you deactivate them

while using Texas Militia. Texas Militia has not been tested with any other mods and you may

experience problems when using two mods at the same time. Texas Militia can be run while

Desert Siege and Island Thunder are activated, but you must make sure Texas Militia is the lowest

on the list by clicking INCREASE PRIORITY until it reaches the bottom.

10) Restart Ghost Recon. If you do not, the mod may not function properly and you will not

experience all of the new content.






AV Apollo












The Nighthawks Team



Special thanks to Rocky, Wombat50, BajaBravo, DonMiguel, and Parabellum.

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Team Nighthawks and I had a wee of a time testing TXM on a dedicated server.

We did allot of whinging and Riley would adjust or change to suit us

but occasionally he would stick to his guns and leave it as he wished.

I can not think of a mission we did not enjoy playing and in many cases it took several attempts

to barely win a mission. The mission briefings are very thorough. Riley told us if the mod didn't work out he could convert the briefings into a novel. :lol:

In addition to the missions it has several new gametypes(Co-0p and TVT); an arsenal with new weapon sounds; new ambient sounds; several rextextured and relit maps; new opfor and ghost skins and new music done by Riley.

I'm sure I have forgotten something.

Whether playing SP, Co-op or TVT online this should be enjoyable too many.

Well done Riley. :thumbsup:

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Thank you very much Don, but you know as well as I do it would just be a campaign without you, not a full-blown expansion pack. No skins, no retextured maps, no kit icons. What'd we rack up, 808 replies in the PM? :phone:

Taking a long break before **tease tease** working on this TXM mission pack....... :guns:

-RF01 out

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Handsome work Riely! Have ya considered making a ModDB page for Texas Militia to help raise awareness? Actually I'd like to see more Ghost Recon (Original) mods on ModDB in general as I don't think a lot of people realize what an enormous well of talent and work exist for the game, and that a decade later amazing Ghost Recon Mods are still being turned out!


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Minor compatibility issue found. Found the same issue in frostbite and other mods before. The opening video was saved as an AVI but uses a different compression method.

For a user like me that always forgets to install codecs. The video wont play.

Not a big deal really. Anyone having this problem can just go download a codec pack and it plays right after you install that ;)

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Happy to see over 200 people have downloaded this mod in a single week, that's twice the rate of Claiming Liberty! I'm sure everyone is enjoying it and I hope there are no bugs or disappointments. Anyone finished or gotten far in the campaign? Any favorite kits? Your opinion on the mortar launcher?

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Good mod and alot of fun. The train depot mission is annoying though. I'm getting sniped by people I can't even see or grenade spammed. And all this within 15 seconds. That mission is missing the fun factor. I think you should consider dialing down the spotting distance on this one.

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Unfortunately I am stubbornly against patches so I'm afraid I won't be releasing any fixes for minor things like that, only major flaws. I totally agree with you though, it seems very difficult but once you figure things out it becomes somewhat simple after a point. Here are some tips for that one, I've actually only beaten it twice out of like six tests with several people in co-op mode, only once without respawns.

Obviously, you need to pop those first two tangos by your insertion. Since you're riding in their vehicles they aren't suspecting any action, but once you start shooting things heat up. Unfortunately you can't sneak around to establish control over the area -- once you engage it is hell from then on out. I'd suggest taking the first warehouse before trying anything else since the insertion is way too hot and way too open to defend. Run in fast and wipe out the ground level tangos but watch those stairs well. Try fragging the top levels to clean up there. Next, try holding out inside until they start opening doors. You should be able to neutralize anyone who comes inside. Some grenades thrown out the open doors can help to scatter things up on the opfor side. Once it gets quiet, try sending a couple guys out to reconnoiter the situation, and from there seize the next warehouse. Next, head to the vehicle pool, but watch out for any RPGs or mounted MGs who are defending it. Infiltrate the vehicles and watch out under the train and in the pickup beds. Also watch out for the SPOILER

enemy tank column that comes up on the tracks from the southeast, you need to nail them before they get positioned at the depot or your job will be a lot tougher.

After that, head up to the tent camp -- the light defenses are deceiving as those six guys can ruin your day quite easily with the wrong approach. Although I've never tried this, you might go up the cliffside on the southeast side so you aren't getting shot in the back by the patrols near your extraction zone. Take out the camp guards then snipe those guys on the hills. After that it is an easy hike to the green smoke.

It and a few others may seem like some kind of BOOM missions on steroids but once you learn to go on the defensive, have a sound plan, and follow this quote:

"When in doubt, empty the magazine"

things should get a bit easier. Whatever you do, don't use cheat codes because that is a coward's way out :P

Good luck, and glad you're liking it so far.

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I could elaborate on how immersed I am up to the point that I catch myself reading those fine briefings in faux Texan accent; on how I like the idea to credit contributors by making them heroes in game. I might praise the selection of kits which seem to work nicely with the campaign.

Instead I will go on about a problem that I've run into on mission T10 "Beached": I can't destroy the radio tower. No matter how many demo charges I place across the roof and in all the rooms of the building, nothing happens. No message, no detonation (which works as desired in previous missions). The other objectives go fine. I read the briefing again but it just states to rig the tower and blow it up from a safe distance. There are no other mods active than DS and IT with Texas Militia being top priority. Did I miss out on something or is this a real issue?

Apart from that one quirk, I really do enjoy Texas Militia. :thumbsup:

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@Eisenschwein, I'm Texan so I always hear it in that accent :rofl: Glad you like the team and the kits, lots of work went into making the weapons more enjoyable to use than the originals.

Also glad you mentioned that issue, it is caused by this problem: in every map there are different levels, usually one or two. For example, the Swamp map has two, the outside and lower house and the upstairs rooms in the house. This is so AI can go on both and you can give them paths along different levels. However, the RSE team decided they didn't need to use two levels on that map, instead, they have the roof and the stairs on the same level which makes some problems for scripters. This means that I had to put the zone a bit farther away from the little shed below the tower. I should've mentioned this in the manual, but try this. Go upstairs and come through the door. Now immediately turn right, walk a few paces WITHOUT getting too close to the tower and plant it. As long as there is like 5+ meters between you and that tower it should work fine. Tell me how it works out ;)

If you start thinking the missions are a bit difficult, I won't even hint at Mission 15....... :fingersx:

@MrMoon, ah yes, the power and beauty of that weapon is just too much. Can almost be abused in MP games thus the long aim time. Makes those tangos think twice about grouping together!

Yep, however they can't use grenade launchers (the mortar launcher is set up as a GL) so that part is scripted into the mission.

Be careful in the next mission, try going far north, slip around the northeast hangars, then go along the side of the office building where the pilots are held. Once you get inside, shoot 'em fast then get those hostages secured! :yes:

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So I lobbed my explosives too close AND too far away at the same try. :dunce: Now I managed to place them correctly. Big thank you for the heads up!

I made a crappy screenshot for reference:


In fact it worked well enough for me to get blown to pieces because I took too long.

Onward to Taaxus' nu glory, then!

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Finished mission 4 and 5 some really intense firefights in mission 4 some of the longest Ive ever fought in gr and again the mortar came in handy on mission 5 shame none of our buddies made it out :o Really enjoying this mod, except for the music :o

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I actually don't think I've beat 04 yet, except in testing :D I actually haven't really played it much since release day so I wouldn't know, hopefully long is good!

5 is tough but if you figure things out you can beat it without too much trouble. Very intense, especially with the loud gunshots :) Never was able to stay alive long enough to try the mortar there :o

That's funny, just earlier a guy offered his composition skills for my next mod, not sure why........but c'mon, I've never had any composition training so give me a break :P

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Haha yeah was getting killed a lot on that mission ended up having to take out the t80s with my mortar when my rpg guy brought it :P

Would of been way easier comming down from the hills, but then it would of been the same mission as DS :)

Yeah the music made me feel like I was about to fight the civil war on a snes :P but still well done for doing it yourself :)

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