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PC failing to boot, strange sequence...

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Off Topic: Is it true, you buy those iMac & MacPro, when they can't fix, they'll replace for free...hence, premium price?

the Outlet Macs seems fairly priced?

I think but don't quote me, you pay a premium on top of that for the applecare warranty also ;)

I have traded in my previous MacBook Pro for a MacBook Air as I did not do any serious computing on it, and the MacBook Air is just lighter and works great for surfing, watching streaming video, backing up my iPhone, organizing my iTunes collection, etc. However, I do not want to bother repurchasing all my PC apps for the Mac, including things like Office etc, so I still do the majority of my computer work on Windows.

In the end, I definitely understand why people would want to buy in to the whole Apple ecosystem, but you do pay a bit of a premium for it. I guess it depends what you are used to (I definitely can get around Windows much easier than Mac OS) and what you are willing to pay for.

I could do all that on a 500.00 -700.00 dollar asus laptop and even play a lot of newer games so why would i want the macbook? I mean look at what you can get nowadays....


with warranty and any local repair shop can fix.

Heck i just bough an exopc tablet from ebay brand new for 329.00. It came with a sandisk 64gb solid state and i loaded windows 8 to it. it's an intel atom processor but still boots in less then 8 seconds and is compatible with every windows program i previously have... heck even with mere intel graphics 3150, i can still play OGR haha, and hook any keyboard or usb device to it. That became more than just my couch surfing tablet as it can do work also.

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