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1.4 Patch is out, what did it fix?

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Hi, we all know that the patch is out, but what exactly did it fix?

What i noticed is: FPS fixes in both MP and SP.

Now, most of the people are angry because they couldn't run the game on "MAX" but i have no issues with running it on medium or low.

I'll give UBI another chance, hoping that they will fix the game by a week or so.

But what i'm also asking them to do is a Pre-Patch system, it's basically release an early patch like 1.4.5 and apply the improvements, and take a look at the community's feedback so you can know if you want to delay the patch or not.

-Thank you

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I've noticed improvements in FPS on the most laggy mission "Shattered Mountain", although it is a nice improvement in FPS I hope they continue to optimize the FPS. Performance improvement in some parts of the game are debatable, even post patch.

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