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It sounds really stupid having a poll for Project Novo's release date, but hear me out, pretty please?

I was thinking, instead of releasing it when it's ready (prediction, sometime in October) release it for Ghost Recon's 11th birthday? that's November 13th to those who don't know it, you know like a little Birthday present?

Do you think it would be a worthy Birthday present for Ghost Recon?

The November 13th/Christmas release date will allow me to iron out bugs and create more extras, (AKA multicoloured Texture Reference files and Map Texturing/Updated Character Skinning tutorials) and possibly get a few more things out of the way.

your choice, take the vote!

Zeealex, out!

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Thanks, that's one vote for Birthday present, It sounds like a Great idea to get some coverage from those three! i'll begin posting the project up on their forums when the mod is finished and polished off, if i pitch and unfinished project, it's not going to look good :P

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