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So, what would everyone think if I started like JohnTC02 and just made good, solid, challenging missions one after another for good ol' GR1? I'm definitely NOT doing any more big mods in the near future as I am fed up with Texas Militia and I'm not going to get myself into a huge project again. Would people be interested in several quick missions, maybe a whole pack? Nothing better than server-sided non-linear missions on a Sunday afternoon with a few guys on Co-op mode.

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New missions are the most needed things these days. Try looking at creating a few new missions for other mods. And just use all the assets that are already there, just make some new missions. I made a few fun stuff for YOTM, Centcom, other things, just new missions, always keep making new missions. Everyone wants to play new missions.

Did I mention we all need new missions?

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If I go through with this idea, definitely, HOWEVER

not trying to offend anyone so please don't take this badly, but this is one of my least favorite mods so far. You can't use half the enemy kits because they crash your game, some of the mounted MGs crash it, the maps are buggy as all heck with AI crawling into fences, getting stuck in walls, etc. etc. and the enemy are like perfectly accurate with an MP40 at the hip across the map while your sniper rifles take two hours to aim and can't hit the ground at 20m.

I may go ahead and do it since this is a favorite mod of a lot, it has great potential but I think the weapons ruined it for me. How about a single mission for each expansion? One for Afrika Corps, Eastern Front, and Pacific? I can do a bot hunt too.

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