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Hi Ghosts,

For quite some time now I have been doing beta testing for coop map makers. Before they release a map they want to test it for errors to make sure that it is ready. In order to shorten the time it takes me to test a map I use "God Mode". It was programmed into the game and was used for debugging. It gives unlimited ammo and health. It can also give me speed if I want it. By using this debugger I have the freedom to concentrate on various different elements in a mission w/o having to deal with the aggravation of getting killed all the time. It comes in quite handy.

Through the course of time I have had several other beta testers ask for a copy of my files and am now receiving requests from beginner players as well. So I decided that it might be a good idea to put together a seperate GodMode mod. This mod is the same as my v4.01 mod with the addition of the GodMode files. So you will still have the choice of all the weapons/weapons kits. This mod works for both coop and campaign styles of play. It is intended for solo play (by yourself). You cannot run this mod and log onto a coop server that is running my 4.01 mod. Since it is installed as a local folder override you cannot try and use it to log onto any multiplayer server (tdm, seige, hh etc.) since it will ben detected by the game's anti-cheat. In other words, this mod cannot be used in any way to Cheat against other players. It can only be used for what it was intended for which is as a trainer for coop and campaign play.

If you are a beta tester and already have my files then it will be a good idea to trash those and get these instead since I have discovered some new tricks.

Do yourself a favor and read the READ_ME file included in this download as it will answer any questions that you may have and also includes installation instructions.

Thanks and Enjoy!



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I just noticed that there is a different way to get to your saved games files if you have Vista or Windows 7. You cannot use the filepath that I specified in the READ_ME file. Here is the correct path:

C:/Users/"Your Name"/App Data/Local/GRAW2/settings/profiles/"your profile"/saved games

The "saved games" folder will have all your mission saves in it and you can delete all the saves from any current mission that has not been completed. This information is for those who play the campaign and need to delete thier files to run the current mission from the very beginning.



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