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Is possible to mod Audio/Sounds from GRAW? Ghost/Mexican talk?

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I'm planning make a mod to GRAW based in Rio/Brasil which will have OGR Missions in Rio with new textures and of course the sound must be changed/replaced from others that match with the new city.

I don't remember see any GRAW mod that change audio files... is that possible?

I saw that all audio files are .bank in the game

how can I create them? is there a converter from wav or what?

or is not possible to change the audio from the game?

thank you

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Binky is the tool I used for these files.

Not sure if anyone put new sounds into the game without simply overwriting the original files. Sure there was a mention of having to use a custom_sound folder, but not sure. Binky can do all the converting. Best to look at naming your files the same as what is in the game.

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