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Old game on a new(er) PC


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I have a (very) old game that I would like to play again - Spec Ops: Rangers Lead The Way from Zombie Studios.

When installing I have four video options:

- software

- OpenGL

- Voodoo

- Voodoo2 (used this on my first PC)

On "software" it is hideous, the graphics are granier than doom!

Is there a way to emulate Voodoo cards? How do I run it with OpenGL? Does anyone have a third solution?

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Sorry for my late reply. Works OK with OpenGL, though the texture are nowhre near Voodoo. (as far as I rember)

Man it is tough to play a 3rd person shooter after so many years of 1st person. Especially when 1st person sight mode doesn't work properly :(

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