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First impressions of latest build

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GRO is really started to look like a polished and stable game with some nice features.

Yeh I got my butt handed to me but visually it is great, performance is great, the friends and social features look good and all over it's lookng really good!

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Mexicobob, they've implemented a fix for that, I believe. Check the web site.

As with all PvP shooters, you will often get your butt handed to you by someone insanely quick and agressive but situational awareness and coordinated team maneuver can counter that in GRO. Although the in-game voice comms are good, the mini-map and virtual tethers are even better for tactical SA. Smart use of cover, teamwork and the powerful situaltional awareness tools that the game provides level the playing field, making it possible for tactical players to compete with the hard-chargers.

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Throw a friend request my way, B0TA16 (that's a zero not 'OH').

Something that bugs me is that after each map, you have to join a new "server". By the time 1 map gets done you and your team has started to "mesh", but then the map is over and off to another one with another group of random players. I know you can create a fireteam, but it's annoying nonetheless.

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