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This is an official support thread for the GhostRecon.net Official Dedi Server for Ghost Recon, full details here.

Server Rules

First and foremost - this server is brought to you by GhostRecon.net and the goal is to provide a Ghost Recon Server for those who still love the game. To that end, this server is for all to enjoy and have fun!

This server is guided by simple rules, common sense, and respect for others.

  • Disrespectful and foul language are not tolerated
  • Cheat accusations will be addressed through an admin, not on the server, and not calling someone out in the forums
  • Have respect for the person editing the server, do not go in and change something some else has chosen
  • Glitching, intentional Team killing, usage of cheats (i.e. glass walls, ballistics enhancements, names, etc.), peek glitching, tip-toeing, laying on an incline or ditches are never tolerated. If you suspect a person of using a cheat, please contact an admin.

We realize you cannot please everyone all the time, however, if you have suggestions please submit those to the forums.

Server Admins

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