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[Xbox]Undying Spartans is recruiting serious competitors (18+)

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Hello prospective recruits,

Undying Spartans (US1) is a group of solid, tactical players who are quickly climbing the standings (currently #40, but not for long). We have a core group, but are not yet satisfied with our position. Instead of growing complacent, we want to continue recruiting great players and keep moving forward. That being said, we will hold tryouts for all applicants (1 week of playing with our squad). Tryouts are not grueling, but are meant to weed out applicants who are not serious about competing.

We have scheduled practice as a team 3 times a week; but why?

-> We have map call-outs

-> We have tactics/formations

-> Team chemistry is necessary

-> Most of our members have professional careers

Applicant Prerequisites:

-> Age 18+ (most of our members are 18-35)

-> Willingness to learn

If you are interested in applying to join US1:

-> Visit our site: us1.enjin.com and fill out a form at the Agoge

-> Send a message to my gamertag: Blackjack Zo

-> Send a friend request to a recruiter's gamertag, either: Jaja 007 or Full Auto209

P.S. US1 will be moving to other major titles in the future as well, we are not cemented in Ghost Recon

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