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Is the nv scope mask applied differently by the engine?

Doc. Caliban

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I have a custom scope mask (mask_sr.rsb) that forms a circle right around the edges of the scope, yet the area that is masked off is only about 80% opaque. The goal was to create more of a realistic feel of being "in the scope", yet not have everyting else totally masked off as though you'd have no situational awareness at all. I'm happy with it.

The issue is that I'm trying to replicate the effect with the NV version of the mask (mask_sr-nv) which does not have an alpha channel by default. I've added the same alpha channel that I use on mask_sr.rsb, and while I notice a slight difference, it's still a wide, horizontally elongated mask.

I am assuming that the game applies the NV mask in a different manner since it does not have an alpha channel, instead just using the RGB channel. I can change the size of the RGB image to match what I'm doing in the other file, and that works for reducing the size, but then I lose the ability to make the black area a little transparent since there's no alpha.



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Hi, if by chance , you read this post , i wish to know if you can share your own "mask_sr" ? i play also at Arma since the first one (successor of Operation Flashpoint" but again and again with Gr, i take pleasure to modify it for "relaxing" after Arma ! ...i made my own armory with my favorite guns i update at the most : for the mask_sr , i combined "wide heroes unleashed" with the "sniper team" to have a center almost close to the reticle (as you said) but the result is not good on my 1920*1080 screen , as the "sniper team" is for a 1680*1050 screen  and became a little oval .Can your's better ? Thanks in advance for your eventual answer.:fingersx:

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Thanks to be here ! and for your quick answer ,too...to spare your time, i search in "download section" by your name and find 4 mods : eotech , panoramic night vision, NAG,M24 .So , i dont know if your mask is in those mods ? i try them , apart the "eotech" i use already ...if you have more info, thanks in advance , i try to  modify the texture of my mask in Photoshop but it is a matter of "try again" because i dont' know if there are a method to do that for adapt the mask_sr to the screen resolution...

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