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=BH= Brothers In Honour

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Brothers In Honour is a group of like minded individuals that love to play co-op on a regular basis.

Many of us that formed the group came from Phoenix Soldiers a well renowned ARMA 2 Sim playing group.

Currently at time of typing we have 81 members and we are growing.

If you want to play some decent tactical games alongside other great players, then come see us at


A large contingent will be on in the evenings, but some of us are around in the mornings also.

You will be expected to use Teamspeak 3 ingame and we can help you set this up.

We are all friendly there, so give us a visit and see what you think.

We have several GRAW 2 coop servers up at this moment in time and can set up servers for other games if need be.

One of the long term ones is GR1 that many of our original members like to play.

Another that is popular is ARMA 2.

Several of us play GRFS in coop also.

So, if you want to play alongside a friendly, but disciplined group, give us a visit or drop in on our TS server and have a chat.

See you ingame.


(aka cjo1964 here)

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