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Full Arctic Map Pack Review [Spoilers]


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So I bought the Arctic map pack for Ghost Recon Future Soldier and I thought I would share with you all the content it contains. You get three new maps (Riot, Skyline and Evicted), 6 new weapons, a new gametype called "Stockade" and a new Guerrilla mode map. Watch the videos below to gather all the information about each and I hope this helps you make your decision on whether you want it or not. The map pack cost $9.99 Enjoy! :)

Map 1: Riot

Map 2: Skyline


Rifleman Bodark team: S805


Engineer Ghost Team: MK17


Engineer Bodark Team: OCP 11


Scout Ghost Team: MP9


Scout Bodark Team: Type 05


New Game mode "Stockade"


New Guerrilla mode map


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I am glad you enjoyed watching the videos :)

Lol yeah I forgot to change it to public like the others, but I changed it.

When I was uploading them all together I didn't want them to be released to the public until they were all fully uploaded and edited, but now they are all public. We also have this posted on our website and a forum for all Ghost Recon talk on our website.

Which video(s) did you like most?

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Thank you. I care to give the video game community, my website community ,the GRFS community, etc all the content I can. I am unbiased so that is one of many things that separates myself from the mainstream websites. Which video(s) did you like most? What do you think of the map pack now after watching?

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Well I did see a few buildings with burnt out interiors and smoke dammage, like someone had lobbed a molotov inside.

I also saw allot of debris and crap lying around the floor like protestors had been throwing rocks and bricks all about the place and I thought the smashed windows looked pretty good 2.

A nice review/walkabout of the map none the less.

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Yeah there are some objects laying about throughout the map, but I still would have added more to the exterior of the building. I guess I am just use to Battlefield 3 lol. That is just a small little picky thing of mine, but eh oh well lol ^.^ The smashed windows would have been nice to be able to shoot through them though. Thanks for the compliments :) I am glad you liked the review/walkthroughs.

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FIrst off the video reviews were nice. However this still would be the very first GR download that i will not be purchasing. Had they put a new Co-op mode like Exfiltration in there i would have bought it but to me it's just more of the same.

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D man,

This is one of the first GR's that the Clan hasnt got together on.

That says alot,its a damn shame,I miss lobbies that could hold

a large group of friends and get some serious tactical Co-op on

and have some epic game nights.Those days seem gone.

Introduce a Dlc "Classic Mode" or something,game is really missing it.

Here's hoping..................(someday,maybe)

Also Thanks to DarkJediMasterX with the video uploads.


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Yeah this is another game that only a select few of the Dark Hole Games community have. The game is fun when your playing with your friends online or in a private match, but the game does tend to get stale after 2-4 hours of playing. There just isn't enough game modes in my opinion.

As for the videos I appreciate you watching them and if you don't have the map pack I hope the videos helped you with your decision making. Check out our youtube channel for many other video game videos and head over to our official website for daily game news for multiple consoles, events, etc.

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