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["Ghost Recon Character Plugins" for 3Ds Max ?]


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facepalm.gifNo)))) I'm not asking about that)))

Hmmm ... How best to attach the model of armor to a model of human. In the 3D Max make a single ready-made model, or add armor in atr file by attachmens, in "MidSpineAttachment" for example)

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I think i read somewere that the game engine can only handel 50'000 polys at a time that everything in the game that can be seen thats why some GR maps have alot of high ground or parts of the map hidden from sight untill you have crossed part of the map, That way the engine only needs to draw part of the map at a time. Now if you have an extra pollys 3342 x 9 for your squad thats a lot of extra stuff the game engine needs to work with , and if you add into the mix high polly actors ? who knows if its going to cope.

The last couple of vehicals i made were around 5000 pollys and caused lag on some maps so the got cut back a bit

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apologies on my part for butting in also

I really don't know how optimized the GR engine is at handling hi-poly models.

I've run high poly GRAW-type models in Ghost Recon, and there was a slight freeze/delay in the character loadout due to them, and a bit of FPS lag, but all good otherwise.

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I don't mean to go completely off-topic, apologize, but are you and your group/clan? fighting agaisn't other remakers of spetnaz or something similar, or just training?

btw, models looks good! I'll try to work some more on the mission in this week.

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