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["Ghost Recon Character Plugins" for 3Ds Max ?]


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Looks like the UVW Map seams are showing up as the engine tries to reduce the texture load on the system. Im not entirely sure how you can correct this. If your texture map has a black background. Try using solid colors on the edge of the seams to get it to go away.

On the other hand if this is a smooth group issue. Re-Smoothing the entire model might help out.

Last but not least it could be an export quirk. Try resetting the X-Form on the entire model. Convert to editable mesh and re-export it.

Hope this helps. :)

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That is the issue right there. If you want to render out textures like that you need to define the UVW maps so the borders (or seams) can be identified easier. That way it will be easier to fix the "UVW" Seams in the texture.

Let me explain real quick:

When you render a texture, what 3dsm is doing, is automatically creating a UVW Map for you (The screenshot on top)

If you create a UVW Map yourself it will be much more organized. You will have much less seams. (The green lines)

Now I wont go into detail about UVW Mapping there are tutorials all over the internet on how to do it. There are many different ways as well.

One last thing once you create the uvw map you can still render a texture. The only thing is you have to select it to render to your UVW map and not automatically create a new one.

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