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["Ghost Recon Character Plugins" for 3Ds Max ?]


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Hi, I need help. I can`t find "Ghost Recon Character Plugins" for 3Ds Max anywhere. May be somebody have one?)

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Ah ok, you want the bones to attach the crh model.

Thanks to Tinker, you can download the ghost recon bones, scale guy, attachments and rifle helper points here:


Also dont miss Mike Schells GR Character Models in 3DS format - http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=133 and

3DS Characters Compiled by WytchDokta - http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=301 .

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Thank you for links, but we have it all.

But in tutorial down below said about GR Character Plugin. So we can`t find it.


Files needed for tutorial:

3dsmax R3.1

Ghost Recon Character Plugins





If your modifier stack just contains Skin and not COM Skin you will need to install the Ghost Recon plugins. The model will not export correctly into the game if the COM Skin modifier is not active.

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No, what you need is the "extras" folder from IT disk (the same i posted dl link above), plus the bones.max. The "extras" folder include the 3ds max plugin that will make possible to export in .qob, .chr. .pob and .map files, so GR can use it.

Please check this great tutorial by Ruin - http://www.ghostreco...l/recon-chr.htm .

I can help you if you want so you can set your 3ds max, do you have steam ?

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3DS Characters Compiled by WytchDokta - http://www.ghostreco...act=view&id=301 .

Can't say I remember compiling such a mod. Also, the readme therein is signed off with '-Mike' which I assume is Mike Schell? It certainly isn't me, nor is it my style of readme.

Are the comments on some mods in the DL section monitored by the admins/mods here at all?

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have you attached it to the actual character model in 3ds?

if so you might want to remove the helmet from the .chr, and instead save the helmet as a .qob file, and try adding it as an attachment to the character's head in the actor editor in Igor or editing the .atr in notepad.

i don't know much about 3d modelling but it might solve your problem as it isn't directly attached to the model, but it will move with it.

if you have and i've missed something out, excuse my comment ;)

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