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Rocky thought this was a good idea awhile back when I PMed him about it. However, I never went through with it. Would anyone be interested in doing a tournament in the near future? I'm talking around three missions. I want a good number of people before I start, but I doubt many people are still interested. However I may be surprised so if you are interested, please post here.

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Okay, tell me if this is correct:






All of you can participate? This is not an online tournament, that would make it too complicated and to have even two-man teams we'd need like 10 people or more. One more person and I will go through with it.

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Okay I count 7 people in this topic so far interested, do you think it is worth going through with? I'll bet if I gave you a week or so to play each mission people could do it? Or should we wait until winter as Apex has suggested, although summer vacation is over? Just to tease ya'll into wanting to play, it is going to be a bounty hunter tourney to see who can rack up the most cash by bringing in the most wanted drug lords, weapon dealers, criminals, etc. etc.

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