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GR:FS vs GR(2001)

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this is part of my post on ubisoft forums

I just thought about game development companies. they are alot like the music industry. back in the 60's,70's and 80's and some 90's, groups and singers came out with talent. 80's music is even enjoyed by todays generation and they ask why they weren't born back then because all we are getting in dumbed down music and PC games. they created a console game, slapped it within (probably) some xna like system of coding/development by microsoft for creating games for windows and that's today's creative minds... ah well back to GR 2001!

Ubi did update the game but probably not in a way that was conducive to the franchise. I remember in the hey days, Rocky probably spent hours posting news about a new expansion (DS, IT) or the mods coming soon that it was really exciting. But I don't see that anymore. there seems to be a disconnect between the developer and the gamers. It's seems as though Ubi doesn't like or trust it's Pc crowd. I never really in my former years anger realized it. face it, around the GR2 timeframe, we got the rug pulled out from underneath us. This is when the GRAW era started in it's development. I don't want to pull in Rocky with any anger, just good dialogue. But I'm sure his view as well as other long time mods could speak truckloads.

I still have GR:FS installed but I reinstalled GR(2001) and played some missions albeit on a outdated game engine which by the way includes the entire game like the menus and features. Anyway, I wanted to see just what it was that was missing and 2 things that came to mind were, tactics and immersion, feeling like I'm in the game. Now I'm the first to admit that, GR(2001) is archaic as old goes but it doesn't have the motion capture used to devise the grouching behind cover. GR:FS is team based with just 4 players more of a snatch and grab kind of military actions rather then the full on frontal assault, 9v9 teams.

matches: is this even possible with GR:FS? in Gr(2001), Rocky had matches running news on his site constantly. we could run 8 slots as players and 1 with a administrator to designate a winner and report the info. we had point tables which accumulate by weekly matches that counted towards your overall score. matches really rocked. but due to limitations of the engine we knew where glitching spots were and we designated them as off limits. but overall we all had a good time. don't get me started about the teams. There were more then you could shake a stick at.

With GR:FS, I just don't see this possibility. but this would be limited as GR:FS is designed as a experienced based game. the more YOU do, the more you earn XP points and can unlock weapons and gear ala other shooters. it appears dumbed down to appeal to little johnny. It reminds me of a mix between controlled shooter and a theatrical release you'd see in the movies like act of valor.

Now I will say that, the GR(2001) did have it's problems upon release but it seems Red storm and UBI were really on their game and proactive/active in getting GR running as it probably should have. I remember the issue about getting hit and some wanted the gimp added and many wanted removed. but Red storm and UbI at that time reacted.

this is just some things that really pop out at me after returning to the game that started this whole franchise. A franchise that seems to have lost it's way somewhere along the line

cheers everyone... feel free to chime in or say your peace. flame me or whatever :phone:

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Could never flame you, Papa6!

Would agree with nearly everything you stated about being immersed in the game and the excitement generated by the community.

GRFS does seem too much like a port to be able to adapt a modding community around it, but I'm not giving up hope just yet. Once we figure out how to decompress the Yeti.BIG files, I bet we can modify closer to our PC standards.

Or better yet, I sat through all 40 minutes of the credits and there has to be at least one disgruntled employee that would be willing to share some of the insider tools used to design the mission ;)

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