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Silent Talon

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Snow, in daylight sunny conditions should be blinding white, but when i play this mission on the PC, for the most part it is more of a grey colour and quite dull looking in third person view, but, when in scope view or ironsight it becomes a much brighter white, like those conditions should be. I suspect there is a shadow problem or something failing to render properly?, i have tried different graphics settings but it only shows the same results. The XBOX 360 version has blinding white snow, i can see why they recommend the GUNNAR Optiks , haha!. Anyone else see this?.

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it's like that on the PC version in general by the looks of things.

I guess yeah, but if i compare Silent Talon with Deep Fire which is also an arctic/snow environment, on my system you can see the difference in the screenshots i reckon. Somethings not quite right, shadows look strange on certain surfaces. I also have to keep changing the settings most times because it keeps reverting to the games default graphics settings and resolution.







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