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Yeti Fatal Error: Generate Mini Dump - Game Crashes, can't play

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I haven't had much problems with Ghost Recon Future Soldier on my PC. I'm loving the campaign and I was really getting into it, apart from a poor FPS I was enjoying the game a lot. I was actually thinking of recommending it to my friends. I can't get on the multipalyer but I didn't worry too much about that I was going to focus on that after I completed the campaign.

Now I can't get onto the game at all. I'm really bloody annoyed too. I start up the game and watch the company logo's and stuff, then the intro movie, yeah yeah skip that. Once I get to the 'PRESS ANY KEY' screen. I press any key and I'm greeted with a nice little Error noise and the game crashes and a Error Message comes up titled


Fatal Error: Generate Minidump?


I ignore it and end the process of the game with Task Manager. Every time I start the game this message comes up now. I was on version 1.2 and it started happening in the middle of a fun mission when you have to rescue some Russian General or something. Anyway, desperate to get back into the game I Reinstalled the game and now I'm on version 1.0 and I still get this same message. AGGGHHHH!!!! Fix this bug I'm really annoyed I feel like I ###### away my money on something that doesn't work. Does anybody know how I can fix this or do I have to wait for 1.3 Patch which probably won't fix it anyway. Please help.

Windows 7 64bit

2.4GHz AMD Phenom N870 Triple Core Processor



AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6550 1GB Dedicated Graphics Card

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I only get the Yeti Fatal Error message if i change the graphics settings, i found that changing the global illumination on high has caused this for me a couple of times. I was changing the graphics settings to make comparisons of how the game looks and to find a balance for visual and performance purposes. Also i found after i exit to the games main menu screen or quiting the game that the screen resolution keeps defaulting to 1280x720 even though i have it set to 1920x1080 in the graphics option menu. The version number at the top left of the games main menu is blured and blocky but changing to my monitors default resolution of 1920x1080 the numbers become much more crisp and clear. But to change to my resolution i have to select the next resolution down from 1920x1080 to 1680x1050, exit the graphics menu for it to apply, then go back into the graphics menu and select 1920x1080 and then exit the graphics menu for the resolution to apply, its a bit of a bind but this works for me if i want the best look. So, i suspect/think that for some reason the 1280x720 game default resolution is applied automatically no matter what i have set. What i do now is i delete the default config file from my documents folder inside the ubisoft/tom clancy grfs folder, and re-apply all the graphics setting i want. It's a bit of an annoyance to say the least but i'm not sure what is causing the Yeti Fatal Errors for all?. This is just my experience of the Yeti Fatal Errors, and, like i said it only happens when i change the global illumination to high, and the reason i was changing the global illumination is because it was not working in game.

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Hi there,

I got this damn freaking error from the first day I had my game. I have a HP Pro book 4540s. The good news is I fixed the Yeti error for ever and the best part is I can reproduce it. So I think my fix is solid one, but I am not sure if it would work for you. Here it goes,

Yeti mini dump occurs, at least for me, when the HD4000 Intel card backs off (i.e. a graphic card switching occurs). So the fix is to make your system use your High end card by force and how would you do that?!!

1. First thing I did was to shut my HD 4000 from boot menu and I switched on the graphics switching option (Yes you heard it right: there are a couple of forums suggesting to switch off switching but that wouldn't work people I've tested it with no success)

2. Install the ATI catalyst (Few forums wouldn't agree to this too but there is a reason why I would do this).

3. In the catalyst's switchable graphics option browse your game exe and set it to High performance that's it

I've been supporting UBI-Soft from a very young age. Please share your comments on my fix. I have an i5 and 7650M powering my pro book.

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I WAS PALYING B4 WITHOUT ANY ERRORS BUT NW AFTER FACTORY RESTORE i.e. after reinstalling GR:FS i am getting yeti fatal error/generate minidump??

any solution plz...

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Is any1 still there facing "YETI:FATAL ERROR/Genenrate Minidump YES/NO"?

Because now i am facing that problem,and cant proceed anymore??if sum1/any1 had overcum with this plz help me too !! :flowers:​ :pirate:​ :help:​ !!!!

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GIBBY, I'm sure you're frustrated with your game not running but posting the same thing twice is not going to get you help any faster. Please post in a clear, calm, and polite way next time. Demanding answers and typing in capital letters isn't making anyone want to help you.

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