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Rambo Mod


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Rambo MOD v1.0




Recommend MOD: YOTM

To play hard

1. Select gametype "MOB" with Elite

2. Use only Rambo.

3. Select M60.

4. Find enemies and shoot!

To play silent

1. Select gametype "CSAR".

2. Use only Rambo.

3. Select Tactical Bow and Knife.

4. Find and escort 5 hostages.

There is Trautman too.


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Hana, maybe you should try make big mods with campaigns? I can see you got some skills mate ;)

I planned to include a campaign in this MOD. Sam Trautman and his "Baker Team"s story.

But there is no time now. I hope to make Rambo YOTM combo mod including a campaign.

I have some skills of 3dsm. I've made some models in past. But I'm beginner for 3D modeling and can't remember how I made.

I am good at making IGOR script.

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Beautiful! Can't wait to try this! Congrats on the release, Hana! Hope we see a lot more from you in the future. :thumbsup:

Thank you Apex!

There is a lot of mini mods in my website.

I have to translate the readme files to English. In game messages too.

I'll do my best!

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