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[PC] Wanna get organized for pvp matches?


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Hi folks,

The game has no dedis so like other player-hosted games it requires a bit more cooperation from players. When OFP: Dragon Rising was released I got into an organized team and we enjoyed 32-player matches for nearly 1.5years!

Anyways, why not list here your uplay nicks so we can add each other in game and then create parties to be able to quickly fill up rooms?

My uplay nick is: gvsb

xfire: flyingchaucer

I'm EU +1GMT but can play mostly mornings and noon

I do have a mic and know how to use it ;)

Not a good idea for me to host as my upload is miserable but I can give it a go as it's only 12 players max.

Oh, fave game mode is 1life-only Siege.

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yep. we had two guys: venge in the US and Retrofasciata in Holland. That was the best, most tactical and most fun multiplayer I have ever had.

Retro got some superfast connection with massive upload especially for that game. oh the good times!

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Im so disappointed that a GR fansite has not a single member who'd like to play some GRFS competitive matches on PC!

Come on folks, the game is actually fun to play, provided you get into a match without getting disconnected, and it does happen!

Collecting our uplay nicks and then sending invites once we enter the lobby should be a good way to have some fun matches.

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A small request: as you enter multiplayer part of the game check you friends tab, and if you see any online send them invites. Also check if you got some. It's the only way we can ever get to play together. I always send invites to ppl who are online, but they never join. I also never ever got an invitation.

Btw, I think it won't work via uplay as it lists anyone who is logged into uplay but not necessarily to grfs.

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When I was on facebook in the GRAW 2 group, everyone assumed that GRFS would be like GRAW 2 but better in every way. Sadly it turned out to be nothing like GRAW 2 at all. As gvse already stated there are no dedicated servers. If you want to play with others you have to make them your "friends". Well, some of us (including me) tried to add each other and invite the other to the game but it didn't work. If I can't play with friends it's just another 45 euro single player game.

I stopped trying and I'm playing Sniper Elite V2 now, which is more user friendly and very easy to play with others.

Does anyone know if there will be a patch or something coming up to make a dedicated server? So everyone can join in again like in GRAW 2.

Anyway, it's quite dissapointing waiting for so long (with great expectations) for a game and then not being able to play with others like you used to.

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