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Hi everyone. I have a GForce4 Ti4200 and am running the 41.09 drivers. How are the 44.03? Any problems? I was thinking about updating the drivers, but want to make sure that they are stable.

Thanks in advance.


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BigT, unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how stable or how much of a performance boost a new driver will give you, unless you try it for yourself. I tend to stick with the companies drivers who made the card. (Not the chip.)

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For his case, PNY would simply redirect the Driver request to the official nVidia website.


You can try it, and as Crimson mentioned, you won't know unless you have it installed on your system. I hear they can give a slight performance increase though.

Just be sure you completely uninstall the existing driver through Add/Remove Programs, then reboot. Upon reboot, install your new driver package. Always be certain that you download the appropriate driver for your Operating System.

However, if it is running stable for you, I'd suggest not updating right now. JMHO.

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