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COOP offers only team vs. team games. I've noticed a tilt that the games offered are individual games. as long as this XP thing is heavy and going on, this will be purely, out for yourself action. since this drives the attitude to get as much XP points as you can to unlock weapons etc.

I'd say with pure honesty that, OGR drove team efforts. we had matches and competitions that rocky would post on the GR.net front page and it was exciting. But I don't see that happening with GR:FS. It would seem that it was NOT designed for such a possibility.

If you want a game just to play, coincidentally labelled as a ghost Recon name.. this is it. But I see that game designers are all out to out do each other and this game seems to be a "this is our contribution to the COD ala unlock stuff genre"

for those of you who don't know me, I've played GR since the first version way back in 2001 and seen how the gameplay was totally recreated for this, every one for them self style of play. Ghost Recon 2 was thought to come as an improvement to what we all enjoyed with the original.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I already finish Elite campaign (Coop) with my brother :D

We still play the campaign to complete all the nonsense tactical/weapon challenges =_=

Btw, feel free to add me & invite me for guerilla mode :)

ID: ShkUplay & ShkUplay2

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