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[stuck on mission "tiger dust", can anyone post a] Savegame

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Hey I'm playing ghost recon future soldier on PC but I can't finish the mission tiger dust.

(Can't get the heli down at the end)

So if anyone wants to send their savegame to me if you already finished the mission tiger dust or more.

My E-mail is kladho@hotmail.com

Thanks to everyone who can help me.


You can find the savegame in :

C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Just send me everything in that map. THANKS

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I just played through the mission and had absolutely no trouble gunning down the heli during the last stage where you are manning the gun in your own heli. Took all of 5-10 seconds to shoot down the heli which wasn't putting up any fight at all. Are you sure you are talking about the mission, "Tiger Dust"? Played the mission through on Elite. Did not use the drone at all except for the required portions. Limited my sync shots as well to only those required to keep from being detected during the stealth phases. Killed 1 civilian unfortunately that was standing behind a car. Scored 96/100 with 100% accuarcy. Stupid easy which is not a good thing considering this was supposed to be Elite difficulty. Of course I'd send you the savegame, but I'm playing this game on the PS3. Redbox rental. :-P It's my 3rd time renting the game. Plan to finish the campaign before returning the game tomorrow. Will have spent under $10 total on the game rentals. Well worth it.

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I made it very clear in my reply that I knew the OP was playing the game on the PC, not the PS3 as I am. That being said, I took the time to play the mission all over again just to see if I could offer any suggestions. On the other hand, your reply contributes nothing to this thread, no disrespect.

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