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Opinions about the pc version

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well, you can always play other games with this setup (arma2 comes to mind and the upcoming arma3).

The game definitely has bugs, for some gamebreaking ones, but the organized way in which they collect feedback at ubi forum gives me a glimmer of hope that the glitches will be ironed out.

I gotta say, PvP can be very exciting IF you can get into a game and not get disconnected. the firefights are exciting and the use of gadgetry, when coordinated, allows to gain advantage over a disorganized team. I do get disconnected a lot, but I also have almost no problems joining games. Once you get into a room and not get disconnected when the game starts you can expect smooth repeat performances.

I also enjoy the SP. The on-rails sections are horrible but they are few and far between. Enemy AI can be quite aggressive, throwing nades, emps, flashbangs and suppressing you, and you really appreciate that on Elite when once you die there's no revives. I can see myself playing some missions again. Guerrilla, while not interesting to me, shows you how decent enemy ai is, especially when you play on your own.

So, here's hoping that they fix MP pvp for good!

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