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Blue Diamonds/Friendly markers

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Hi all,

The question: is there a server sided mod that makes Blue diamonds (friendly markers) disappear in game? Or does anyone know how to script such a thing?

So far I have managed to adjust my own Hud-visibility.xml file but when I host it only works for me, not my team mates.

I know some hardcore maps go without the diamonds as well, but no one seems to have the answer. I read about the realism mod but that comes with a weapon mod as well. I read about extracting your quick.bundle; would that do the trick?

My idea is that more Graw2 players would like to enhance the realism aspect and therefor make the use of comms even more important.

Hope some of you experts can help me/us further.

Thanks for your time!



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It's been years since I modded GRAW2, but I was able to do exactly what you are looking for. If memory serves me, it is going to have to be bundle specific. I would definitely need to know what maps and/or bundles you plan on using. If any of those are another modder's bundle, we will definitely need their permission.........which I don't think would be a problem when asked.

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There was a server-side configuration file that you could adjust to remove the blue diamonds without individually changing the maps, I just cannot remember where. Viper714 was able to do this on the AGB Barking Spider server and perhaps Rahnman who did quite a bit of server adjusting.

Just found it:

- Will be in your "gametype_settings" under "world_info". You will want to modify the "has_tag_system" with a value="false"

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I believe it is in the "sb_server_settings.xml" file that will be on your server. It has been quite a while since I've done any of this - I cannot even get the game to work anymore to test (new PC with an NVidia 580 - oi). But hopefully this is helpful.

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