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Arma II (DayZ)

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I'm addicted to this. Its online only and can be downloaded from dayzmod.com its a frustrating mod at first until you get a handle on the game/mod. After that once you team up with some friends and get a group going it becomes fun. Just reme mber t hough, not everyone is friendly. Also remembe that its still in alpha so things may be buggy or goofy.

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I/we (over at Alpha Squad) have played a bit of DayZ (and lots-and-lots of ArmA II:CO). Keep in mind the game/mod is still in Alpha test, so things get broken, reset, unbalanced with some regularity. It is an online only experience -- again, from what I have read, the developers explicitly want that and are not interested in supporting a SP version. You will need ArmA II:CO -- that's ArmA II plus Operation Arrowhead -- in order to play. The mod itself is freely available and as Wombat mentioned you can get it from the dayz site. The very cool thing about this mod is that the game is truly global and persistent. Whatever state you leave your character (and other stuff) in on one server will be exactly that way when you join a different server two days later. Just be ready, you will spend a fair bit of time learning to navigate and find your friends (you really want to play with friends). Sadly, me being a fan of cooperative online play, from what I have seen the style of play has degenerated into a massive death-match, since the easiest/best way to find equipment is probably to find and kill another player rather than sneak around zombies while searching for loot.

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