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Seawolves server has been updated to run the Rockall mod. We have tested a few mods out and this seems to be a great running mod with all new content to play on and enjoy. This is a dedicated server.

Server settings are as follows:

Server Location: Isle Of Wight UK


Mods: GR, DS, IT,


Gametype: Mission

Map: Random Order

Difficulty: Veteran

Respawns Individual 5 Total

Time Limit: none

Threat Indicator Off


Come and enjoy the game!!!

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I installed GR again and downloaded this mod yesterday. I've had a chance to play a couple of quick rounds and I must say that I really like the level of quality on this mod. I will probably be jumpingin soon to see if I can get some COOP with other guys. Looking forward to that.


I WAS looking forward to it but sadly the server is down already.

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Sorry for the late reply i will see what is up with the server today. Will update when I find out thanks for the heads up.

NOTE Email sent.

Riley we support it but with Windows 8 I have had an issue of playing it so I personally havent been on the server. You can always drop me an email if it goes down. I am also setting up a box next to me here for future GR gaming as well. It should be perfect for the job just need to get it completely setup (and the time lol) but it will be set for auto restart if it goes down and ill be handing out server admin rights to various people around here to make sure it is revelant and useable as well. BEar with me as I get it going here. I am heading to Disney next week foir Vacation so it won't be until after that time.

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