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Hi everyone.... :rolleyes: . I'm new on here but not to online gaming,

I have been playing Ghost recon now for about a year and have only recently wanted to play it online. I was just wondering if someone could please update me on any new and old mods i might need and if and where i could join a clan. I guess this is the point at which i'm supposed to tell u a bit about my self...lol :D . Well i'm 23 and female i live in the uk and play sof 2 alot aswell as other games on the internet. I hope someone can help me on this as i'm really wanting to play now. thanx for letting me go on and i'll see u all soon .Debs. ;)

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Welcome to GR.net, Debs.... It's great to see other females playing GR! :rocky:

There are always clans recruiting in our clans forum, you may want to check it out.

Enjoy your stay! :D

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i'm from just outside of halifax, so does anyone know of any clan that r recruiting at the mo. if so let me know my msn is debbie_ellis@btinternet.com

and i'm just glad i'm not the only woman around here, my last clan was alot of males, not that i minded of course but hey always nice to have femle support :lol:

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Hi Debs, have fun.

There are no mods you really need, but to expand your gaming there are some good ones out there. Did I hear someone say Frostbite 1.1? Though I wouldn't recommend you try that first because everything else might be a let down. Try the mod reviews forum.

Get patched to 1.4 and then get ASE (All Seeing Eye, but if you are a onliner gamer you might already have it) and enjoy yourself.

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Hi, I'm from bradford and Supasniper86 is from Leeds :) Good to see more yorkshire folk round here

As for mods you might wanna try these, hope you got broadband :P


NMM V2.0 By Nishi

Sniper Armoury By Projectile-Systems

Standard Upgrade By Earl

Trance M4 Mod V2 By Trance Mod Works


Brit Elite Forces By Genstar

Brit Desert Forces By Genstar

Delta Force CAG By Calum Keen

Desert Boonie V2.0 By Mike


Band of Brothers By Jack57

Brothers in Arms By Jack57

Saving Private Ryan By Jack57

Postacard from Peru By Jack57

Free Russia By Wade Giles

12 Weeks By Right-Hand

Total Conversions

22 SAS Equip. Mod By Pyro & Elpatrico

ADF V3.0 By AUS_Viper

101st Airborne By Combatech

Taskforce Thresher By Combatech

Sabre Teams By BJB

IDF 1.3 By DTD

Free Lybia By AVS

Gen. Enemy Realism By AlfaFSB

HX4 By Hantrox

Navy Seals By Piccolo

US 75th Rangers By Sixpence

USMC By Sixpence

Frostbite 1.1 By Nuetron, El_oso etc.

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I be from the UK too!

Big up the UK crew!!

Anyways, I be from down in the westcountry!

All together now....

Go west where the grass is green! :stupid:

Go west where the air is clean! :stupid:

Go west where the cider apples grow! :stupid:

Go west where all folk go!! :sheep:

Hehehehehehe :devil:

I be from Somerset, but no I ain't a farmer (people associate us from Somerset with farmers....).

Farmer Nightmare....lol :wacko::blink:

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hi from a fellow Brit (where in the UK?)

Please do not try and pick up the new members. <_<;)

Welcome to GR.net. Watch out now, you'll have guys wanting to email you now Debs.

Enjoy your stay here and when I have a server up again, maybe tomorrow, and I need to reinstall the game on this drive, I run a pretty friendly newbie server. Check the Games Room Forum below for IP's to the game.

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Well thanx everyone for making me feel welcome. :D .

i'll be on to play tomorrow night at some point (or at least when my little girl has gone to bed..lol.

And as for ppl emailing me sorry boys but i'm already taken ;) .

but cool to hear that ppl who r playing live not too far away :sheep: .

so where ever ppl r playing tomorrow let me know and i'll try to be there.

thanx for the warm welcome guys and gals, (can't forget the gals. :P )

cya all tomorrow hopefully Debs :o=

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Welcome Debs :D

:mellow: (reading posts by others) :o


When the h-e-l-l did this become the GR.Net Internetional Dating forums??




Hi my name is Zantar

Likes:Explosives,High caliber rifles,strolls through the body litered Russian country side


Hobbies:Collateral Damage,Shooting new people and faces,reloading guns,blowing stuff up

Favorite pickup line: "Let me pull my pin and wait for me to yell FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!"


sorry I just had to do that.

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(@ -[NCM]- .:Nightmare:.) Ohhh arrrr we got some country boys, ohhh arrr we got some country boys (to the tune of Go West.)

Drink up thy cider, and check out my combine harvester etc etc. (Don't worry I'm a proper carrot crunching tosspot.)

lmao @ zantar. Are you single by chance?

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Great, so im surrounded by carrot crunchers and Northerners that explains why i seem like the bright one around here since i come from Sth London...... Lol ;):lol:

Welcome Debs and dont worry we're not all sexually frustrated lounge lizards in here, well, i am obviously but not everyone else, hope you have fun.. ;):rolleyes::D

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hi from a fellow Brit (where in the UK?)

Please do not try and pick up the new members. <_<;)

He said it! Not Me! :):lol:

Welcome to the forums Deb.

Don't mind the rest of these guys, we still don't know what they're on.

(A southerner and northerner debate in the UK!? :stupid: ) Woah, and I thought it was only us.

Might as well chip in, I'm in NC right now with now cousins, 2nd cousins, evil step-sisters, or clones living in the UK.

Back on topic, make sure you watch the Games Room, there's usually a game going there. If not there's Dedicated Server listings there that has a game going 24/7.

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