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Silenced Sniper Rifle and 7.62 Assault Rifle

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XBox users:

You already know that by completing certain tasks from the dossier, you can unlock new weapons for hero soldiers.

Some of these weapons have very generic names, and due to the poor documentation, it is very hard to identify those weapons (maker/model), and I am no gun expert. So, any help would be appreciated in identifying the following:

a) Jack Stone's Silenced Sniper rifle;

b) Lindy Cohen's 7.62 Assault Rifle;

I have already identified the other 3 generic weapons (well, they are my best guess):

c) Will Jacob's 7.62 Carbine seems to be an FN-FAL 50.63, the paratrooper variant;

d) Susan Grey's 5.56 Carbine seems to be a HK G36K, the short version of the G36;

e) Astra Galinsky's 7.62 Sniper probably is a HK PSG1 or the military variant, the MSG90;


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did you know that the SR25 is based on the m16? and the british minimi is the M249 SAW? and the british gpmg is the M240?

found an ace website - www.world.guns.ru

have a look, it's really interesting

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