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Need someone to test COOLSEIGE!!!

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Ok here is the situation......

I may not have the time lately to work on the SNIPER CANNON mod because of this stupid microsoft test I'm studying for but I do have time to work on some siege missions.

People seem to like my coolsiege server. I customize base locations for siege which makes my MP sessions fun. For instance, siege on the roof of the embassy or close quarter combat with a base inside the office on the docks day map.

Anyway, I tried giving some new creations to a friend so he could host but for some reason he couldn't...he kept crashing with it as he hosted it. But he is able to join my game when I host with it.

I mix and match sky files and vehicles and such and it is all server side. I'm only using files from the mp1 and mp2 mods and as long as your running desert siege and island thunder you can play. But what about hosting?

Would some of you like to host a few of my custom seige missions and see if they work for you?? :huh:

Let me know and I will email some them to you. Maybe the forum leaders on this site? Rocky, or Ruin or Monolith maybe??

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Thanks Man! :rocky:

Give me a while and check your email by late tonight eastern standard time. Will put together a zip file of a few of my famous siege missions and a few of the ones causing me trouble. If you get problem with the ones I mention as trouble makers then try to find out why.

Till laters.

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Ok. A few I guess has tried hosting some coolsiege missions but no opinions??

I think I got one pm from slink saying I should put command way points to show the way. But in my opinion they are not needed in a multiplayer siege game. You see where the enemy base is and its your job to get your team there.

What else you think guys?

Were you able to host onslaught or red square indoor without crashing?

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