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Anyone can Suggest the best maps and mods?

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Anyone can Suggest the best maps and mods I have to install to GR: Advanced Warfighter 2 The maps that are played most?

PS: What servers are clean of cheating? And the name of the servers. Thank you in advance :)

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There are quite a few servers, both standard and modded. Your best choose one with the lowest ping to maximise your gaming pleasure.

Maps. As suggested the download section here has a lot of maps made by various modders. Look at what servers are running which maps and try a few out.

Mods. Most popular mods are Rahnmans mod and Bretzies, (excuse my spelling). Both of these and more are available in the download section....

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Old thread, but it does get asked....

Have to second this... Johns maps (JohnTC02) The Cartel and Bushmaster Campaigns.

Such a Simple iIdea, fun multiple objectives (same thing each time, but works well), auto saves on each objective completed and makes each mission a series of mini-missions.

Absolutely brilliant work ! Cheers John !

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