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Do Bots respawn in Coop?

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The amount of AI depends on the map.

It's not possible to spawn all the AI at the beginning of a mission as this would cause terrible lag, what we do is place triggers at certain locations around the map so when you activate these triggers it will spawn AI for that area.

Once you have killed the AI those that are dead cannot be re-spawned but as you cross new triggers more AI will be spawned.

A good average for custom maps is around 300 to 500 AI.

There are a few out there with a mind blowing 2000+ most of which were made by a modder called Bogiegraphics.

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Thank You for the fast reply everybody :)

I was playing alone the Coop maps (LAN only), for practice and all. And I couldn`t pass trough some points because I got the feeling that the bots are always respawning. But now that I see that the average is 300-500 (WOW), I feel that I must find some friends to join me in LAN and help me out hehe :) Thanks

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Most of my maps have a SP (Easy) switch in them which cut's the amount of AI by half, when the mission starts just walk up to the Easy switch and press "x" the light on the switch will come on indicating you are in easy mode.

No. But since the AI aren't near as smart as those in GR1 and gameplay is drastically different in the later titles, it's hard to make a smaller-scale battle fun, long-lasting, and realistic.

I don't use this high number of AI to overcome the lack of tactical play in the game, I do this by request of the majority of players and beta testers.

As I just mentioned my maps have a SP mode so the amount of AI here is around 150-250, I have seen the AI do some great tactical moves like flaking your position when playing the SP mode, personally I prefer the SP mode of playing as it can be quite tactical.

Don't get me wrong Riley, I'm not saying this game is as tactical as GR but it's a whole lot better than playing something like CoD.

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