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Coordinates in the Briefing Screen


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im not really sure what you're asking mate.. if you want to change it to have that little dot over lets say Derry, in Northern Ireland, you cant just punch in some coordinates. find a map that shows where you want that dot to be. save it into your mod folder. then, in Igor, change the settings and have the world map image be this image of the map you found instead. then, play with the X and Y coordinates until you get it close enough to where you want it. i've done it before, so it can be done. hope this helps mate

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The x is the number of pixels from the left side. The y is th number of pixels fom the upper side. Just like all graphics programing usually refers to things.

Try opening the map world map you want to use in Photoshop. Mark the area, starting from the top left corner and ending with the location you want to put the marker. Copy the area and create a new picture. Photoshop will automatically set the new size as those of the clip you just took and that is the vaules you want to use. ;) Really simple way to get it right the first time. Only takes about 30 seconds.

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I'm not trying to be a smart a**se here, but it is actually even easier than that. If you have the Info window open (linked with the Navigator by default) just place your cursor over the spot you want the co-ord's for and read them values right off the Info tab - it even has them as X and Y.


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