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Full Ghost Recon 1 Retexturing [Project Novo]

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I had a walk through on M01_Caves.

Very nice job!

Minor gripes:

Cave floor doesn't work for me.

Uploaded this version of your cliffs texture for you to try:


The ghost textures would be enhanced with a little adjustment.

Seem just a tad dark. Otherwise very good work on these skins.

Among the best I have seen.

GJ Alex.

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Ever wondered what happens when you mix a 20 year old engine and cutting edge material generation tech? 🤔 I guess we're about to find out...

Project Novo is listed in the Credits of PLEASE READ ME.HTML found in the main directory of HU V9.

Then it's increasingly likely that some aspects were used for HU  Nice spot Wombat and Shakealeg! 

Posted Images

thanks wombat! i've resorted to doing the same with M03 as well, thanks for the new texture it's been added in ;)

i'm working on multicam for them anyway, so they'll be changed by the next test ;) and thanks i'm glad you think of them that way :)

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if anyone sees a really memorable moment using the test mod, please don't be afraid to screenshot them and post them here. i'll be grateful for anything that could be used in a Wallpaper ;)

In other news; i've just asked myself "how cool would GR look if a DOF blur was forced somehow?"

meheheheh! there's a small project for you tech savvy people!

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found and retextured the pig pen, brightened the ground, and lowered the rust vibrancy.

i can clarify that the barn's roof does look like wood.

expect an update soon ;)

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yeah, they are by far! ;) but i'm trying not to go overboard with any new models or anything though if you get me i just felt the dire need to update the old models as they didn't look particularly nice :P

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yeah, the updated models (standard upgrade by earl) shouldn't look too bad on there, they are pretty good quality, as you have probably experienced as well it has compatibility with other mods too so there's nothing wrong with people downloading more weapons as of when they would like.

it does look pretty awesome with the SCARs though

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This is one of the Extras available in this Retexturing project:


Whaddya think?

P.S that's not the experimental Camouflage i was going on about, that it part of the Hybrids Collection, which will be available as their own separate mods like all of the other skins. ;) saves a heavy download for people who just want the skins and nothing more.

It looks like Multicam, but it has ATACS shading.

MultiTACS will be available in Test 3 for Desert Missions.

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Mission 3 will be up and ready for testing tomorrow i'll begin uploading after my morning run.

What it Contains:

D08-Torn Banner(all of it by Wombat50) M03-Stone Bell Retextured

A fixed M01 cave floor Texture (thanks to wombat50) and various texture fixes to mission 2, these are patches, you will need to have the base mod installed.

New Desert Skin test- MultiTACS

New menu Textures.

New T72 Vehicle (Model by blakOPS) and updated texture.

New Georgian, Russian South, and Russian North textures.

various other things you may find is different.

new Russian weapons pending

What it doesn't

M01 and M02 full files.

Please post screen-shots of any problems you come across and anything you particularly like.

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sorry about the delay peoples, had a change of heart with the main menu screen :P won't be too long now.

just show you the general idea of the new main menu screen:


The photos change per menu screen, i won't post them all, unfortunately i couldn't use Thales' images in there because of their size, so they are going to be wallpapers instead :P

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Between Bajabravo and your name

that's mums name :P

I likey. Only one thing, where the heck is your name?

i haven't put myself on there, there's just something weird about putting my own name on the credits, can't come to terms with it :P

upload is 85% on mediafire, i'll start the filefront upload ASAP

oh crap! forgot to put the Graphical enhancement information and readme in the file! :wall:

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