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Full Ghost Recon 1 Retexturing [Project Novo]

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Ever wondered what happens when you mix a 20 year old engine and cutting edge material generation tech? 🤔 I guess we're about to find out...

Project Novo is listed in the Credits of PLEASE READ ME.HTML found in the main directory of HU V9.

Then it's increasingly likely that some aspects were used for HU  Nice spot Wombat and Shakealeg! 

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Hi, seems i'm late to this awesome party... BUT, i have 17 years experience in 3ds max and photoshop, crazybump and Mudbox (not applicable here) and I've used Igor before loooong time ago.

Just bought Ghost Recon again (Broke the disc years ago)) and since i'm getting old and i'm retired, decided to google "What is the maximum texture resolution for Ghost Recon Map Mods" and this topic popped up!

I am currently willing to create RainbowSix Siege Maps from scratch in 3ds max (i have 2016* [*edit] and the trial version of 3ds max 5 (From Heroes Unleashed downloaded via ModDb), so it won't take long. But i could use assistance in the requirements for map textures, unit size (cm, inches?) and if there are collision primitives separate or included in the map geometry, polygon limits, map building requirements for current system req.'s etc. [EDIT] just a thought but making maps from Rainbow Six Rogue Spear would also be a good move because i  have the schematics from the Prima Official Game Guide still in good condition ;) )[EDIT]

Hope i can join as a Modder because i have a lot of time and knowledge! ;)

I used to be an Indie Developer using Unreal Engine 2.x and 3, never got to 4 but i downloaded it since it's free and haven't used it much, the vast majority of my work is under NDA however i have a couple renders of models i have made years ago:2w59l76.jpg103eb8j.jpg


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34 minutes ago, Rocky said:

Welcome DJ!

Siege maps in Ghost Recon sounds awesome - please start a new discussion to show progress, that would be great.

Thanks! I didn't want to hijack i just have no clue where to start witrh the requirements, and poked my nose in here becuase the OP obviously has a clue ;)

Sorry, i will start a new discussion, and i invite anyone interested in seeing new maps with higher resolution geometry and HD Textures in OGR!

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Welcome to GR.net.
The maximum texture size in Original Ghost Recon is 2048 pixels x 2048 pixels. I know nothing about making maps so I can't help in that regard.
There is a Photoshop plugin available for .rsb's which is the format used in OGR.  MediaFire link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/li5056t5uw62ord/RSB.8bi/file
Other utilities are the Lighting Tool and RSB Editor which are on the Island Thunder disc. 

Link to OGR Map Modding:  http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?/forum/13-gr-map-modding/
Good Luck!
Edit: The rsb plugin works better on older versions of PhotoShop. I use and old version, CS2, which works put sometimes part of the interface or files being worked on disappear. They will reappear if you click on the screen. Just an annoyance. Not familiar with newer versions of Photoshop and the functionality of the rsb plugin. 

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But i could use assistance in the requirements for map textures, unit size (cm, inches?) and if there are collision primitives separate or included in the map geometry, polygon limits, map building requirements for current system req.'s etc.

Hi, DJ LFD. You can find some, i would say almost everything in official docs (link http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1074 guide, map example, etc. The GR engine can handle high-poly models, so as textures up to 2048x2048, but it seems to me, that you will meet other technical problems (instant crash, maybe). Collisions are straightforward, ghosts can't jump (but they can fall from heghts) or climb, therefore you don't need to think much about such things. All geometry is collidable by default, but you can change it at any time.  

GR engine is a portal engine: portals between rooms, portals in windows all this things. So, you will need some portals on your "room level", All ingame objects such as trees are grouped with helper points which served as transformation matrix source. Using keyframes you can make transport move, doors open and some other things. Glasses, billboards, lights...

As i said, most of the usefull information about map modding is in docs, but, for example, scripting  is not covered well/at all. 


and i invite anyone interested in seeing new maps

if only you have a lot of time :).

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8 minutes ago, ajitesh said:

Really impressed by this mod .It is game changer . Still working on Island Thunder maps?

Thanks Ajitesh! I'm passively working on it, working on an even bigger game changer at the moment. Please see my incoherent rantings about the numbers over here:


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4 hours ago, pz3 said:

That thread is madness lol. I've no idea what you all are talking about there. What was the results after substance?

Lol! Trust me I'm more mad after staring at incoherent strings of numbers for 4 months straight. 

I'm attempting to write a file format converter that will allow GR2 models to be ported to GR1. 

In terms of the substance output? Pretty good!! I think...









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