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Full Ghost Recon 1 Retexturing [Project Novo]

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Would love to see more into this. You want to send me the progress made so far, Zeealex? Looks pretty interesting, and well, pretty too.

I always have been an oldie when it comes to my graphics, I like them original, but this graphics-tone up mod looks really interesting!

I would also like to test out the map, because about every month, I do a entire play through of all campaigns with a new custom character, and I'm playing it again right now!

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Ever wondered what happens when you mix a 20 year old engine and cutting edge material generation tech? 🤔 I guess we're about to find out...

Project Novo is listed in the Credits of PLEASE READ ME.HTML found in the main directory of HU V9.

Then it's increasingly likely that some aspects were used for HU  Nice spot Wombat and Shakealeg! 

Posted Images

just had the chance to spend sometime playing this mod.

all i can say is its outstanding! some of the best textures ive seen. its hard to believe a 2001 game can be improved like this. deff a recommended mod.

ill anxiously be waiting for a final version!

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Two breakthroughs have been made this week.

#1 I was reunited with SOAF after leaving my old game disk in a laptop I sold. so guess what's getting a lick of paint.

#2 The RSB plugin is now reading most, if not all Island Thunder .rsb files, so you can also guess what else is currently being worked on...

yep, V2 is on a redlight, standby for jump...

Gonna make a new thread.

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I know of one plant texture on M09 Swamp that I tagged incorrectly for Project Novo.

When you get further along I'd be glad to go through all the maps and double check all the tagging for the textures,

plant or otherwise for V2.

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awesome! thanks for the help dude, really appreciate it. :) I'll be activating the plants a little late on in the redo so i'll let you know how that checks out.

for now though, with version 1 disabled i've managed to get a little chunk done of C01: Plantation:


New Textures:



New Textures:


New Textures:


all of the textures still need a lot of work yet, but this is the general Idea.

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well, its a step in the right direction, about 1 in 4 island thunder rsbs still dont parse. even though I am CERTAIN the .rsb plugin is the island thunder one, but from what I see, the original maps and DS are relatively okay now.

can you open the darkmaps of C02 apex?

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Okay, I opened every C02 texture... Not a single blip. I'm going to try some project novo textures as i know 99% of those didn't open when I tried with the old plugin

would it be okay if i updated the IT extras zip with your .8bi file Apex?

I knew it was the plugin!

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I wouldn't know if they had updated it, i'm not sure where I got my old (and working) plugin originally, but i did have the gold edition. The one I downloaded from here is DEFINITELY bugged though, as that's what I've been using until you gave me yours.

Edited by Zeealex
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