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Full Ghost Recon 1 Retexturing [Project Novo]


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Not sure what the result was with the non-window windows, but we saw them in the map from Blood Oil that was mentioned (the railyard) and kind of thought of them as spoilers since the enemy couldn't see us. Kind of an explpoit of sorts.

Just adding our two cents.

- Doc

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Brand new GUM exterior textures:



If you are wondering why no other novo textures are showing, it's because i turned it off, these textures are in a separate mod folder.

the textures are my own captured ones of the Port of Liverpool building:

(this photo isn't mine)

lemmie know what you think.

Just Realised, the Project Novo Archive is showing up as corrupt on my desktop, anyone else having similar problems?

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had a little poke around mission 1 for a bit again :P








Just gotta fix the skybox a little more and the detail texture, then I'll move on to rejig Mission 2.

but seriously guys it's nowhere without a little feedback ;)


I've tried to make it a little more dusk-y and I've changed a few textures to higher detail versions.

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To my knowledge this is not being worked on at the moment.

It is available in the download section:


I think there is some vegetation I tagged incorrectly on the M09 Swamp map.

I'll send the corrected files if needed or if you run across anything else that needs corrected I can probably do that too.

Project Novo contains retextres of the original and Desert Siege maps only, IIRC.

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